A Letter of Thanks to My Friends



We’ve all heard it, and you parents have experienced it. A baby changes your life.

My little ray of sunshine rocked my world. Not in a bad way… just completely rocked everything I thought I was prepared for.  There’s something about handing a mom her child that turns her into mush. All of her – her heart, her body, and her brain – straight mush. I was consumed with trying to keep a baby alive and somewhat happy, that I neglected to ensure other aspects of my life were alive and happy, including my friendships.

So you, my friends, I have to say thanks!

Thank you for being patient with me.

Postpartum depression is hard. When you need to be at your best, you’re at your worst. Your visits and home-cooked dinners were so appreciated, even if they were interrupted by a colicky, screaming baby. Some of you will never be able to hear at a normal level again (sorry!)

Thank you for encouraging me.

I know I can be dramatic. I like to think it keeps things interesting, but I am NOT exaggerating when I say that being a mom is the hardest, most joyful and exhaustingly amazing thing I have ever done. But Lord knows I can’t do it alone. So thanks to each of you for giving advice, prayers, support and flat out telling me to “get out of the house, you helicopter mom!” I needed it!

Thank you letting me live vicariously through you at times.

Let me be clear, I wouldn’t change my situation for anything. But I would be crazy to not admit that I miss “flying by the seat of my pants,” traveling and going when I please. Instead of splurging on weekend girls trip, I splurge on bows (it’s a serious problem). But thank you for letting me stalk your Insta pics and pretend I’m right there with you, sipping a drink on the beach.

Thank you for growing with me.

Life is about learning, and I have certainly learned a lot in the last year. But I’m not done learning and growing, and I am thankful that you will be by my side to do it all. We’re growing together as moms, as sisters, as friends. And I’m looking forward to more adventures.


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