Let’s Talk About Flex, Baby: 6 Simple Weight Loss Tips


On a scale of 1 to Sports Illustrated, how swimsuit ready are you?

*anxiety enters the chat*

Well if you’d rather eat glass than try on a bathing suit, this is the article for you.

Especially since retailers like Target think now is the time to bring out the (barely there) bikinis.

Hellloooo we’re still full from Christmas, can we please be bloated in peace?

I digress.

Since running away from bad vibes doesn’t count as cardio (or does it??), I’m here to share what’s worked for me over the last few years.

  1. Stop drinking your calories
    Read that twice.
    Yes, it’s hard at first, but so is spilling out of your jeans.
    Pick your hard.
    There’s no way around the fact that drinking pop (or “soda” for you Northerners) is working against you.
    I haven’t had one in 2 years, and I even cut out coffee creamer. This has accelerated my success, and it will impact yours as well. P.S. Diet drinks can still lead to increased appetite and cravings, and they contain artificial sweeteners.
  1. Be a “track” star and download Happy Scale
    Tracking your progress or lack thereof is vital! Any weight loss app will do, but Happy Scale is my fav. It provides your next weight goal and celebrates your milestone when you reach it. Seeing the next number helps you manifest it and stay focused on your journey.
  1. Protect your pantry
    Let me be clear. I still buy “junk food.” I have kids for the love of God. Takis and zebra cakes are household staples. However, I stopped buying food I KNEW I’d snack on if it came home with me. For example, if you know you’ll eat a whole sleeve of Pringles, don’t even put them in the cart. If queso sends you down the rabbit hole, leave it off the menu. If you buy it, you’ll probably eat it. So be mindful of what you add to your cart.
  1. Stop making excuses
    Meeting any goal means getting real with yourself. Evaluate your personal excuses and let. them. go. They are holding you back. I could write a whole post on this one, but I have to fold laundry so we gotta keep it pushin’.
  1. Stick with it
    If you have an “off” day (or week), get back on track and preserve your progress. Even if the scale isn’t changing, that doesn’t mean your body isn’t. You have to keep going no matter how many setbacks you encounter.
  1. Join a gym
    Spoiler alert: Gyms are pretty cheap now. And even if the cost stretches your budget, your body is worth the investment. Going just twice a week can make an impact, as small changes compound. See number 4 and then sign up today. P.S. Some gyms have free massage chairs, and that’s something every mom can celebrate.

Hear that? That’s the sound of your waistline shrinking and your confidence growing.

Ha ha, just kidding that was my stomach growling. Off to make a salad!

Stay Motivated,


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