Kwik Stix – The World Of Mess Free Creativity {Free Gift!}

This is a sponsored post for Kwik Stix to bring you a fun promotion to try out their mess-free product! Get the details at the bottom of this post. However, all opinions are our own.


This word has the ability to send shivers down my spine. Sure, I want my kids to be creative. However, all moms know that creativity and messes seemingly go hand-in-hand. 

My kids never cease to amaze me with their paint catastrophes.  Paint in their hair, in between chubby little toddler fingers, and droplets of paint on the walls and floors are all regular occurrences whenever my children let their creative juices flow.

That is until I discovered Kwik Stix by The Pencil Grip.

A couple of months back at an Oklahoma City Moms Blog event, my children received Kwik Stix samples in their swag bags.  

Y’all.  When we got home from the event, my children painted mess free with their Kwik Stix for HOURS.  It was love a first sight, and I was hooked.

I promptly went online and ordered one of the biggest sets I could get my hands on.  I checked the mail everyday anticipating their arrival.  When they finally arrived, my kids were thrilled.  They painted and painted, however there was no mess like there was with the paints I typically purchased in the past. Daily paint sessions became the norm, because instead of avoiding art projects, I welcomed them with open arms.

You see, Kwik Stix has mastered the art of mess free creativity.  What makes Kwik Stix unique is the fact that they are solid tempera paint sticks, which make them super easy for children to use.  So instead of kids messily slopping paint with a paint brush onto their paper, the paint easily glides onto their masterpieces.  Kwik Stix paint formula is opaque and even comes in an array of beautiful metallic colors. 

Not only is the formula very child friendly, Kwik Stix are AP Certified which means they are non-toxic, and they are also egg, gluten, and peanut free.

Oh.  And did I mention that they dry in 90 seconds?  That’s it.  90 seconds.  You can officially say “buh-bye” to the days of waiting hours for paint to dry on sopping wet papers.  Masterpieces made with Kwik Stix can practically be hung on the fridge minutes after they are created.

The exciting news is that Kwik Stix can now be purchased at Toys R Us, which makes finding these products a breeze!  So head on over to Toys R Us and add these amazing paints to your children’s art supply stash.  You’ll be ready for hours of mess free creativity! 

Free Gift!

Kwik Stix has an exciting promo for Oklahoma City Moms Blog readers! If you purchase Kwik Stix from Toys R Us or, you will receive a gift with your purchase. Simply snap a photo of your receipt and a picture of someone using your new Kwik Stix at home and email the photos to [email protected]

If you purchase all four Kwik Stix packages at Toys R Us or on, Kwik Stix will ship you a gift worth $20. If three Kwik Stix packages are purchased, you will receive a gift worth $15. If two Kwik Stix packages are purchased, a $10 gift will be shipped to you. Lastly, if 1 Kwik Stix package is purchased, a you will receive a $5 gift.

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    • Thanks, Samantha!! They are so amazing!!! You should check them out, and then when your daughter is a little older grab some for her too!


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