5 Moms You Most Likely Know and Love


Know what I love?  I love how different everyone is.  I have these mom friends who are totally and completely different than me.  I look at them in awe and wonder how they tick.  I want to be like them. They have qualities that I don’t have.  But I wish I did.  I know you have friends just like mine.  If I could create the coolest mom in the world, she would be a combo of all these moms.


Check out this list below and see if you know one of them, maybe just with a different name.

1. The Mom With All the Chill.

She is that mom who is totally laid back.  She decided to have a birthday party for her 6 year old and let them put makeup on themselves.  In her living room.  On her carpet.  At pick up, she shook her head and said “Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea” – as we gazed upon lipstick smashed into the carpet. That birthday party would have put me in a complete and utter tailspin.  Not the Mom with all the Chill!!!!

2. The Mom Who is Cooler Than You.

She is that mom who doesn’t mind kids at her house.  Her house is always open to the neighbor kids to play.  She even plays with them.  Her house is the place to be at.  It has the coolest toys, snacks, activities, and pets.  My kids want to live at her house.

3. The Mom Who is a Cleaning Rock Star.  

She invented the term “clean mom”. Her house always smells good, is tidy, and has something delicious wafting from her oven.  You don’t know when she finds the time to clean because you see her around a lot. And the kicker…her minivan has nothing on the floorboards….Nothing.

4. The Mom Who Oozes Creativity.  

She is that mom who has best best ideas for everything.  Her creativity is off the charts.  You want your kid to be in her kid’s group when school project time comes because you know it will be stellar.  You want her to be your kid’s homeroom mom.  You call her when you need a costume, a gift idea, or a date night idea.

5. The Mom Who Can’t Get Rattled.

She home schools her 5 kids.  They are extremely polite.  She is soft spoken and you never hear her voice go above a level 3 in volume.  Ever.

The beauty of having these ladies in my life is that they push me to be a better mom.  They push me to not sweat everything, enjoy the little people around me, be cleaner, get creative, and not yell.  Who do you know that is on that list?  Who else could you add?  We’d love to hear about your mom friends and the qualities you love about them.

In fact, tag them on social media and tell them what you admire about them!






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