6 {Kid-Approved} No Stove Meals for Summer


I love summer. I love being outside, enjoying the sunshine, playing in the water, celebrating 4th of July and my birthday. What I don’t love is coming home from a HOT day, then having to stand over a hot stove or heat the whole house by using the oven!

So to spare us all some sweat, I’ve put together some of my favorite no stove required meals for summer!


1. Avocado Toast

As delicious as it is trendy, this new breakfast fad is hearty enough to fill you up, but nice and cool for summer. My favorite way to serve is with sprouted grain bread, goat cheese, avocado, DIY everything but the bagel seasoning, and sprouts! My toddler is a fan – I just leave off the sprouts for his!

2. Yogurt Parfaits

Kids will get a kick out of creating their own layers in a fun parfait. Grab some cute dishes and go to town with this fun, cool breakfast idea! You can use regular yogurt or a non-dairy substitute like coconut yogurt. I’ve really been loving cashewgurt lately. Add your favorite toppings: granola or chopped nuts, and some fresh fruit, honey, and cinnamon.


Stay Cool This Summer!

3. Wraps

Switch it up from regular sandwiches with a nice cool wrap (or tell your kids its a burrito!). You can use deli meat or rotisserie chicken, plus some fresh spinach, tomatoes, and cucumbers! Top with homemade honey mustard or ranch dressing for a kid-friendly AND healthy treat!

4. Chicken/Tuna/Salmon/Egg Salad

DIY your own mayo for these recipes. Trust me. Here are three variations to try this summer:
1 – add avocado, cilantro, and lime for a tangy twist
2 – add pineapple and slivered almonds for a sweet crunch
3 – add buffalo sauce or sriracha for a spicy kick
Serve on a bed of greens, as a sandwich, or wrap – the options are endless for this cooling, tasty summer lunch!


The Only Thing Pots Should Be Used For During Summer!

5. Sushi

Sushi is so fun and easy to make at home! Grab some minute rice and seaweed and have fun rolling your own sushi! My favorite fillings include salmon or mahi mahi, cucumber, shredded carrots, and avocado. Let your kids choose anything they’d like and create fun names for their rolls!

6. Smorgasbord

What kid isn’t SUPER excited to have SNACKS for dinner? Grab a selection of your favorite deli meats and cheeses, crackers, hummus, fresh veggies for dipping, chips, salsa, and guacamole and have a family picnic – inside or out!

Enjoy these nice, cool summer recipes and be sure to check out our the best ice cream in OKC for dessert!


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