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Just Between Friends sale at the Cox Pavilon at the Oklahoma State Fair grounds | Oklahoma City Moms Blog

Complete JBF Virgin::

As a JBF virgin, I had no idea what to expect. As a result, I was completely unprepared for the holy goodness I encountered. I set out to tackle this monstrous sale with no plan, no budget and only one thing on my “list” – a balance bike for my son. Soon after entering the Cox Pavilion I realized the error of my ways and restrategized. I grabbed a big blue IKEA bag from the stack in the front and set out to see what treasures I could find.

LD-JBFClothesAttempting to be methodical at first, I strolled up one row and down the next and rummaging through stacks of things I thought I needed. That’s the thing about JBF, you don’t THINK you NEED anything until you get there and start exploring. Halfway through the toy tables I decided I should look for a bike as it would probably determine what I was willing to spend on the “extra” items I hadn’t come intending to bring home.

As luck would have it, they had the EXACT bike I had been looking for in near pristine condition. The price was less than half of retail which made it an easy decision – to the hold area it went so I could continue shopping without it in tow.

Although I swore I didn’t need clothes and promised myself I wouldn’t even look, the two full aisles of size 2 beckoned and I succumed to the temptation. I’m glad I did as I found the cutest rain jacket for $5 and a nice button down shirt for $1.50 – score!!

I ended up spending a grand total of $85 for the items shown below.LD-JBFFinds

I will definately go again (and probably consign as well), but the next time I will be prepared with a well researched list of items I want and budget in mind.

OKC JBF Virgin::

I had only been to the Norman Sale before, so when I was able to shop the pre-sale at the OKC fairgrounds this last Saturday, I was SO glad I went! Being pregnant and having my husband deployed, it was a bit of a mess for me getting there and getting inside. It was 102 degrees out and there were tons of people due to multiple events being held at the fairgrounds at the same time. However, the parking wasn’t bad, and the fairground’s staff was nice and directed me where I needed to go. I was also unaware that children were not allowed at the presale and had my daughter with me, but luckily my dad was also at the fairgrounds that day and was able to watch her. Children are allowed at the public sale though!

photo 5The entire Cox Pavillion was filled from wall to wall with toys, books, clothes, and almost anything you could think of to buy for a child. I had a short amount of time and a relatively low budget so I went straight for the things I wanted most. There was a table covered in baby carriers and diaper bags so I dug in and immediately found a gem – a brand new NuRoo in the box {which normally retails for $59.99} for $20. I realized I would probably need a bag so I hurried back to the front to get one of the large blue shopping bags made available by JBF and then made my way through the toys to see what they had.

I was astonished at the wide range of high priced, name brand, and barely used toys that were plentiful on each table. There were toys for every age, and there were even vintage toys in great shape. The selection was top notch. I found a play tunnel for my daughter and then made my way to the clothes. I was able to find a plethora of winter items needed for my soon-to-be newborn (a boy!) and for my daughter, as well as a dress for her to wear for our upcoming maternity pictures. I was so impressed that not only will I be going back, but also I plan to be a consigner next time.

JBF One-Timer::

While I have been to Just Between Friends consignment sale before, it was only once and I was still completely unprepared for the experience I encountered. People rolled up with bags, baskets, rolling carts, and even rolling closet units… and that’s when I knew it was going to be something I had not understood or prepped for. This time, I knew it was going to be a marathon of shopping and my thrift-loving self was going to need to train and be ready for!

Oklahoma City Moms Blog contributors at the JBF sale in OKC

This time was also exciting because I have never had the pleasure of going to JBF to look for newborn and young baby-friendly toys and gear. It made the experience so much more meaningful and fun for me to see the newborn clothes, baby legs, cloth diapers and more.

Being a family that does not use plastic toys, the hunt for quality wooden toys at a great price can be a challenge. Both times I have been, I have found an amazing selection and at really great prices. This time I even found a wooden tricycle for $15 and a brand new set of unpainted wooden building blocks for $8. My favorite find though was a wooden, Montessori-Inspired knobless cylinder toy that is perfect for both a young baby and my now toddler… and it was only $2.

Great deals I found at Just Between Friends OKC

In the end, I spent $86 and came away with a wooden tricycle, 3 newborn cloth diaper covers, 2 pairs of baby legs, a set of wooden kitchen food, winter boots for my tot, a brand new wooden block set, an awesome newborn-friendly fine motor and color-sorting maze board, an unpainted wooden fire truck toy, a newborn fleece outfit, a brand new Nuroo babywearing shirt, and pure excitement.

Veteran JBFer & Consignor::

Over the years of shopping & consigning at JBF, I’ve learned a few tips:

When Shopping…

1.  Have a plan!

Make a list of items that you want and a budget. That way when you enter into the JBF wonderland, you won’t forget what all you need while shopping for things that are too cute to pass up.

BouncerChairsItems include:

  • Clothes from Newborn to Junior sizes
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Maternity Clothes & Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Bedding
  • Decor
  • Baby Blankets
  • DVDs
  • Books
  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Tons of Toys – Think early discount Christmas shopping!
  • Homeschool Curriculum
  • Furniture
  • Strollers
  • Car Seats
  • Basically, any and everything regarding motherhood & children!

2. Go twice – once early in the week (the pre-sale if possible), then go again on Saturday when some items (those without the star) are 50% off!

3.  Bring your childrens’ measurements.  If you’re fortunate enough to shop without them, then you can make sure the clothes will fit.  But even if they are there, you’ve got the measurements in case they get cranky.

4.  Bring a mobile shopping device.  They do provide bags to use while shopping and for purchases but it’s more convenient to bring your own wheels.  These ladies know how to roll…

JBF How We Roll

5.  Compare prices on like items. More than likely one will be less expensive than the other and cha-ching! You are already saving more money!

6. Put your stuff on hold.  After you have finished shopping, pick up the 4-10 bags you dropped off, sort through it,and stay within your budget.

JBF Sorting 2

When Consigning…

1.  Price to sell! The best part of consigning with JBF is you can set your own prices.  Don’t be sentimental in your pricing. Use their pricing guide for help.

2.  Presentation is everything.  Press the clothes or at least run them through dryer.  Clean all items before bringing them or they will not be accepted into the sale.  Check out their Perfect Consignor Status perk for those who make sure to only bring super clean and fully functioning items.  JBF wants to provide great products to purchase and it starts with the consignor.

3.  Make 45%, 65%, or 70% – depending how much you participate in the consigning process. This is the perfect way to earn back the money you just spent!

Whether you shop or consign, you will want to volunteer, so you can shop at the pre-sales.  

JBF Thank You


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