It’s Been a Hard Pregnancy, But. . .


I was in decent shape and in great health when I found out I was pregnant with our third baby. Naively, I thought this would make for an easy pregnancy. I know it could be worse, but I have struggled – and struggled hard – this time around. I was sick well into my second trimester, cannot keep my iron or energy levels up, and am holding down a full time job with two small kids at home.

At the end of every day I feel tired and defeated.

It’s been a hard pregnancy, but several people I love are having a difficult time getting pregnant or staying pregnant.

In the moment it is tough not to feel sorry for myself when I have had to leave my office every hour to rush to the bathroom to be sick. But then I try to remember that there are many amazing woman who would feel grateful to be going through this and all the other less than delightful symptoms that come with being pregnant.  I try to remember this is temporary, even though it feels like it may last forever. I try to remember that this is a blessing. 

It’s been a hard pregnancy, but in my heart I know this is my last time.

I can physically tell this time that my body and I are finished being on this journey together. Also, there is no doubt or fear in my mind wondering if we should have another baby in the future or not. I feel 100% confident in our family planning choices. There’s solace in knowing for certain this is the last time I’ll be pregnant. Knowing this is making me appreciate every single kick and hiccup I feel. 

It’s been a hard pregnancy, but God knows what he’s doing.

Since I’ve been through this before I know how intense labor is. But instead of concentrating on and being scared of going through that again, when it is time I know I’ll be ready to just not be pregnant anymore. 

It’s been a hard pregnancy, but there is still so much excitement.

In some ways this pregnancy has been a lot of fun. My kids are old enough to understand what is happening. Their excitement is beyond sweet and contagious. 

It’s been a hard pregnancy, but I know what the end has in store. 

We will be bringing a beautiful baby home. I know the newborn stage will be hard too. I also know that this baby will loved. We will watch her grow and develop. She’ll have her own personality and enrich our home and our family. 

It’s been a hard pregnancy, but I know it will be worth it. 


  1. you can do this. just keep thinking of the end result and how happy you will be when they put that little precious bundle in your arms. when you see your kiddos loving on the baby. stay positive and keep resting whenever you can


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