9 Things the OKC Thunder Made Me Do



Dear OKC Thunder,

I’m a mom of 3 whose days are filled with a whole lot of “mom” things.  Dishes, chauffeuring, work, homework helping, and dog walking.  I’m waist deep in household management and parenting.  It’s pretty much the same routine, at least during school months. But something has happened.  I’m doing things I have never done – and it’s all because of you!

  1. I’ve started planning things around the Thunder game schedule.  
  2. I try to figure out what piece of furniture I could do without, so I can sell it to get playoff tickets.
  3. I ignore my kids when the game is on.  (Everyone, it’s leftover night.  Help yourselves!)
  4. I made a request before attending a meeting that the game would be on in the background.
  5. I may or may not have “borrowed” my son’s Thunder jersey to Thunder up.
  6. I started scanning the AM radio stations looking for the game.  (Who AM I?) (Do NOT tell my husband I listened to talk radio)
  7. I’m waking up the dog and the children with my yelling cheering and clapping.
  8. And if that’s not enough, I don’t go to bed when the game’s over, even though I have to get up early and get kids fed and out the door to school.  I sit and watch Ernie, Charles, Shaq, and Kenny duke it out over the game stats and details and I take sides.  
  9. And then I wake up with a Thunder Game Hangover.

Westbrook, I sport your number on my Thunder t-shirt and you’ve always been my favorite. I like to think if I would have gotten basketball talent, which I did not, I would play like you.

Durant, the way your long arms snag balls is poetic and gazelle like. Basketball poetry in motion.

Adams, you’re crazy. That kleenex in the nostril thing you must do that every game because it is officially a good luck charm.

And to all you other Thunder players – you are my TEAM! Know this run of the mill mom will be #Thunderingup every game and cheering you on loudly from her living room. Play hard, and bring home to fans like me the title you deserve.

Love, Amy



Fellow moms: I know I can’t be alone – what has the OKC Thunder made YOU do??


  1. In past playoffs I learned if we did not use Thunder napkins at dinner, we would lose. When the party stores were out, but we were facing the Heat in the Finals, I paid $18 for a 24-pack of napkins on Amazon. Shhh. Don’t tell my husband! Alas, the napkins did not work as well in 2014, so I’ve saved my money since.

  2. I have planned a Thunder themed birthday with Rumble as the surprise guest-I was more excited than my 8 year old, I use my “dad it’s your turn card” for Boy Scouts, Flag football practice or any other activity that interferes with a game and I have a separate game day wardrobe of only orange and blue! Thunder Up my friend!


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