I’m Not In to Kindergarten “Family” Projects


I still remember my kids’ first days of school. My son was super excited, so excited that he didn’t even bother to say goodbye when I left him. 

My daughter, on the other hand, was less enthusiastic. However, after the first week, she was thrilled with going to school. 

While I know that Pre-K and Kindergarten are an open door to socialization and fun learning, one aspect that I didn’t anticipate was all the extra “homework” that I would inadvertently be assigned. 

Let me just say that both of my kids had wonderful teachers and I have nothing against them.  Actually, they have been loving, helpful, and kind to both my kids and me.

I just wasn’t anticipating all the “family” projects.

If there is some major holiday coming, I know what’s going to happen. I already feel my eye twitching at the sight of that activity in the weekly folder.

Now let’s just make it clear that most of the time I will be the ONE doing these “family” projects. Something you should know is that I hate crafts, and I’m not artistic.

While I can appreciate art made by others, I simply don’t want to have any part in it.

I’m not a Pinterest mom, I’m more of a “buy it and get it over with” mom.

I don’t make my kids’ Halloween costumes because I know Amazon will come to my rescue. So believe me, while I understand these family projects are meant to be fun, they are actually the opposite. They are stressful for me.

While I try to do my best to be creative for the holidays, I know my kids will be heckling me along the way. If I’m assigned an Easter project and I’m slaving away creating something that resembles a bunny made out of a milk jug, I know my sweet child is going to be next to me, letting me know she doesn’t like the color of those ears…insert eye roll here. 

My latest project was a Valentine’s Day box. My sweet child decided that she wanted a unicorn, but not just any kind of unicorn. We spent 2 days looking at Pinterest and YouTube videos to find the perfect unicorn. 

I have had the same experience with the 50th day of school, the 100th day of school, and all the other “fun”  activities my kids have had. It can get exhausting pretty quick!

I know I’m complaining, but when I had kids, I wasn’t mentally prepared to make a snowman out of paper plates and then have to explain what I we did step by step. 

Come on, guys! It’s a Kindergarten activity!!

As a big school holiday approaches, I will be here ready with my hot glue gun. I might roll my eyes a thousand times. But you already know we will be participating if I don’t want to be shamed and harassed by my children. 


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