I Didn’t Equate To Kate After Delivery


I, along with the rest of the world, watched as the beautiful and poised Kate Middleton left the hospital with her gorgeous baby girl. If there ever was a princess, it is Kate Middleton. As I watched her step out and give an elegant wave to the world, I thought she had been in the hospital at least a couple of days, you know, resting, nursing, and sleeping. So imagine my surprise when I heard it had only been 10 hours.

I Didn't Equate To KateTen hours? Wait. TEN hours!!

After giving birth I felt poised, elegant, and beautiful, except only the exact opposite.

1. Baby weight and retained water were not my friend.  I no longer had ankles, but “cankles”, which were roughly the size of the continental United States. No ring dared encase my sausage fingers, swollen and puffy was an understatement. I was so swollen and puffy that my own mother hardly recognized me at the airport.

2. I left the hospital wearing black sweatpants and a maternity shirt . A lot goes on after you give birth, if you know what I mean. Her yellow and cream dress was a BOLD choice, if you ask me.

3. Instead of having luscious waves, I had pin straight hair practically plastered to my head. If someone had asked if I would like the option of having a hairdresser on stand-by after my first shower, my answer would have been a resounding “YES!” Mainly for the simple fact that moving took every ounce of my strength, but also because blow drying, curling, or straightening was not really an option in my 3X3 cell err… I mean hospital bathroom.

4. Ten hours after delivery I still looked like I was about to birth a baby whale. I’m always amazed, and slightly jealous, of the mothers who give birth and don’t have a massive jelly belly.

5. Kate Middleton left the hospital surrounded by an entourage of paparazzi who frantically snapped photos. She calmly and gracefully smiled at her adoring public, pausing for them to get their first look at their new baby princess. I on the other hand, snapped a selfie and got the heck out of Dodge. I was ready to get home. I can almost guarantee that, princess or not, she was ready to hop (or carefully and strategically) step into her car to get back to her familiar and comfy home.

While there are distinct differences between Kate Middleton’s public appearance and birth of her second child, I am sure we have similarities too. She, just like the rest of us, will endure leaky and engorged boobs. She will be wearing mega pads for weeks, and I’m sure sappy commercials will make her a little teary eyed.

We all know that Kate Middleton went back to her palace, peeled her heels off, and crawled back in bed to love on her new little baby princess. She is still human, after all. I give her mad props for stepping out 10 hours after labor. I give her a standing ovation for being a good sport and letting us peek at her and the baby.

So, whether you walked out of the hospital looking like death warmed over or you stepped out in grace with the aura of a supermodel, let’s all raise our lattes and give a big old “cheers” to motherhood. It is, in fact, a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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