I am DONE Trying to Give My Daughter a Perfect Childhood


I’m done. I can’t do it anymore. I am over trying to give my daughter the perfect childhood.

To be honest, the notion of a perfect childhood is ridiculous! Yet, we have somehow found ourselves wrapped up in Pinterest-perfect birthdays, styled outfits, the newest toys/gadgets, and endless activities.

I have fallen into this trap way too often myself. Spending too much time and money on a birthday party for a child who is way too young to even remember. Overspending on Christmas toys that my daughter plays with a handful of times. Worrying about creating the “perfect” day of donuts, a zoo trip, dining out, etc. Going and seeing and doing to the point that we are both tired, cranky, and overstimulated.

And you know what? Something tells me that our kids couldn’t care less about all of that!

When I think back to my best memories from childhood, it had nothing to do with perfect birthday parties or an endless string of activities.

What I do remember is picking blackberries in my grandma’s gardens, sleepovers with my cousins, staying up way past our bedtime, breakfast in bed for my birthday, camping with my family in our little pop-up camper, sitting around campfires roasting hotdogs, making s’mores, and chasing fireflies.

My favorite memories are of family get-togethers for holidays with endless amounts of food and homemade ice cream, playing dress-up in old prom dresses, and having fabulous “photoshoots” with my cousins.

The best memories I can remember are the simple, unplanned things. I want that for my daughter.

I want her to have memories of sleeping in and snuggles, splashing around in a $6 blow-up pool in the front yard, days spent with grandparents, trips to the lake, and sticky s’mores. These are the small, imperfect moments that add up to a wonderful childhood. 

Our kids deserve a childhood that is unrushed, unfiltered, unplanned, full of time to be bored so their imaginations can run wild. SO, here is to more spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen, popsicles and sidewalk chalk, backyard camping, and breakfast in bed!

Less perfection, more simplicity. Less busy, more slow days. Less stuff, more memories.

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Hey y’all! I am a born and raised Okie girl who loves Jesus, her family, and friends a WHOLE lot. I am married to very best friend, Ryan, and have a sweet, spunky 6-year-old girl, Makayla, and two sweet angel babies in Heaven. As someone who was a divorced single-momma for almost 5 years I have a heart and passion for serving single-mommas. To be honest, I truly believe that there is no strength quite like the strength of a single mom, and once you have walked down that road you can’t help but want to love on anyone else who is walking through that chapter in their life. I am also in a season of transition from my current job as a Corporate Training Specialist & Instructional Designer to owning my own consulting business, Lemon Tree Business Solutions. Talk about a big change! The change in career path can only be contributed to God opening all of the right doors needed for me to truly have the freedom and flexibility to serve my family and community to the best of my ability. I love Jesus, long coffee chats, shopping dates with my daughter, ALL things Disney (did I mention that I worked at Disney World in college), traveling with my family, and quality time with my people!


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