How to Save Money on Groceries (Even With Inflation!)


My husband and I are so close to paying off our mortgage, we can taste it. In an effort to help us get to our goal that much faster, I’ve been looking for ways to save money and also ways to make our money go further. After looking at all of our expenses, I determined that the area in which we needed the most overhaul was our grocery budget.

Through what I can only describe as Divine Intervention, I stumbled across a British television show on YouTube that helps families slash their grocery bills while also helping them to eat healthier. This show really hit home and, through implementing their tips, I was able to save $100 on groceries–even with inflation sending prices sky-high! Here’s what I did:

1. Take Inventory of What You Have and Cook With That 

Most people are buying way more than what they actually need. If you went through your cupboards, you could most likely find all the ingredients for a meal that could be ready in less than an hour. There are tons of apps and websites that are available to help you decide!

2. Stop Buying Ready-Made Meals/Convenience Meals

Frozen meals may seem convenient for those buy nights when you’re too tired to cook, but they actually cost you more. Most of those meals have lower nutritional content as a “from scratch” meal as well as cost more. For example, a frozen lasagna at Target can cost around $15. However, a homemade lasagna can cost as low as $8.50! And, since you’re the one making it, you can sneak veggies in to up the nutritional content! 

3. Swap Out High-Brand Items for the Cheaper Version

I did this with ketchup, orange juice, cereals, and crackers. Not one member of my family could tell a difference! My daughter even said, “Oh wow, Mommy! The juice is really good today!” (I will say, the trick was to put the cheaper versions in the empty boxes/bottles. When the family pulled the box/bottle/jug out, they thought it was the same thing! They were shocked when I told them my sneaky secret!)

4. Plan Ahead and Make a List

Impulse shopping and shopping without a list are sure-fire ways to spend more than you want and also waste more food (which is basically throwing away money). Try planning out meals for the week, take inventory of what you have at home, make a list, and stick to it. By doing this, you can shave a huge chunk off of your grocery bill. 


It may seem overwhelming to jump right in and do all these tips at once. So maybe start small: commit to cooking with what you have for three nights this week. Or swap out your regular brand of coffee creamer for a slightly cheaper version.

It may be tough at first, but the savings (and ability to purchase that car or pay off a loan or save for a vacation) will be worth it! 


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