How to Reduce the Covid-19 Stress


This is my advice for this strange time we’re living in and how to remain calm. Yes, Covid-19 is real and yes, it’s dangerous. There’s a lot that’s unknown about it and we’re learning about it as we go, but there’s a lot about it that’s similar to other coronaviruses that we do know about. 

First, sign up for the Oklahoma State Department of Health email updates HERE. Scroll down to the bottom and enter your email in the box that says GET EMAIL UPDATES. You’re going to receive a lot of informative data and accurate information through these updates. I have a science background, so I’m familiar with looking at data and charts and I appreciate these updates I receive. 

Second, stop reading social media posts about Covid-19. Scroll past without giving them a second glance. They will instill some level of fear in you and will most likely give you inaccurate information.

Let’s face it: the information about this virus is complicated enough already and why amplify that with social media posts? This includes listening to the news as they seem to have benefited from the polarized view of the Covid-19 situation. Very few sources will present you with the data and leave it at that. It’s best to avoid it while tensions are high and get your information from the source mentioned above. 

Third, look at the positive things that have come from this time of Covid-19. Our family has loved the quality time together, and the kids have probably seen their grandparents more often than they normally would. Another bonus for me, being an introvert, is having to distance myself from others in public. Can we have it that way from now until eternity, please? I’m not talking about friends and family, but out in public. I see you, extroverts, and those that like physical contact. I see you, and I understand your need. How are y’all doing? I hope you are meeting your daily hugging quota despite everything going on. 

Fourth, and most importantly for those of us that have chosen to follow Jesus, is to read the Bible every day. It’s amazing that my mind always becomes peaceful and I refocus on the ultimate goal after reading the Bible. There are a lot of good reading plans on your smartphone, like those on the YouVersion Bible App, that send notifications to your phone each day.

I do not deny your struggles as a mom during this strange time, but my hope is that I can help relieve even an ounce of that, if possible. We (moms) already have enough stress in our lives, so if we have the power to minimize the Covid-19 stress, let’s do that. 



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