HeyDay is Serving Up Fun for the Whole Family

This post is sponsored by HeyDay Entertainment; however, all opinions expressed are my own!

Since moving back to Norman five years ago, I had only ventured into HeyDay for parties. When HeyDay Entertainment invited my family for a complimentary night of fun, all of the great memories I had visiting family fun centers as a kid with my parents and siblings came rushing back. This was the perfect opportunity to relive all those mini golf-bowling-arcade outings from my childhood, as well as experience the fun of HeyDay in a new way.


HeyDay offers a crowd-pleasing menu, including pizza from DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks. With options spanning from chicken fried steak sandwiches to tacos to pizza, finding something that would please every member of the family was a no-brainer.

After a delicious puffy pretzel appetizer and some perfectly baked potato skins, my son decided on pizza (pretty standard 6-year-old choice) and the rest of us opted for burgers. My fried egg burger exceeded my expectations, but I still couldn’t help but eye my husband’s HD burger throughout our whole hour of bowling. The pizza was a hit with my son, naturally. Even though my bowling game could use some work, we left the lanes satisfied thanks to our happy bellies.


Considering we usually watch TV as a family while we eat dinner, it seemed only right to dinnertime multitask at HeyDay, too. There are six options for games you can play on HeyDay’s bowling lanes, and my son chose Angry Birds (because, of course). He promptly scored the highest of all of us with the help of the ramp. The kids also had bumpers, and as the games wore on, it became clear that I probably needed one, too. (I may or may not have let my husband bowl a few of my turns while I ate my burger and some of my husband’s. They were really good burgers, and my husband is a better bowler than me. Sorry, not sorry.)

Laser Tag

When the time came to burn off those appetizers, burgers, and pizza, we turned to laser tag. We signed up for a time and played some arcade games while we waited.

Pro tip: Plan to be nearby about 10 minutes before your call time, because that is when you will be summoned to the Briefing Room. Your Laser Tag attendant will only call for your group three times before your window closes. With two stories, plenty of hiding spots, and pumping music, Laser Tag is truly fun for all ages and skill levels. If you have a kid with a competitive streak that she definitely inherited from her father, be prepared to be her favorite target. Just saying. (And because they couldn’t get enough of lasers, the kids tried their hands at being spies in the Laser Maze right next door.)

Ropes Course pro tip: make sure you’ve checked your child’s fear of heights status before letting her go up there. Especially if you have a fear of heights yourself and have no plans to go rescue her.

Mini Golf

It isn’t that serious, hon.

The mini golf course was challenging enough to keep things interesting for the adults, but was still a blast for the kiddos. They especially got a kick out of fishing golf balls from the course ponds and yelling out how far over par each other was. The variety of sizes of clubs ensured that no one would get left out of the fun. My husband kept score but wasn’t crazy about the prospect of losing to his daughter, so we didn’t actually get the final score that night. See what I mean about that competitive streak? Definitely came from him.

Revolutions Bar

On the rare occasion that you find yourself without your children, HeyDay has you covered. While the kids racked up tickets in the arcade, I snuck upstairs to the over-21 Revolutions Bar to have a look around. The Revolutions Bar is perfect for a date night, girls night (or boys night), or whatever grownup shenanigans you can think of. There are arcade games and shuffleboard, a pool table, a full bar with drink specials, a patio that overlooks the mini golf course, and a bowling alley. Revolutions Bar takes great pains to maintain the fun atmosphere of the rest of HeyDay with a more adult vibe. (The fire pits are a nice touch.) Of course, the full menu is available in Revolutions Bar.

What all that time spent in the arcade is all about, ultimately.

My family had a great time at HeyDay and look forward to going back. Come check it out for yourself, and maybe send some good vibes the way of the lady with the locs hitting gutterballs and bogeys.


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