Help Wanted: Mentor


Must know how to be a wife that supports and grows with her husband. Must know how to be a mom to four kids in a blended family. Must share meal plans and shopping lists. Must know how integrate a career and home successfully. Must be willing to listen and ask questions equally. Must share life hacks to conquer the forties decade of wrinkles, hormones and raising teenagers. Must be ready for an imperfect and broken mentee. Must cry when I cry. Must laugh when I laugh. Must love me for me. Must push me to be a better me. 

Yes, that was actually my mentor pitch to an amazing woman. Shockingly, she responded with an enthusiastic “yes, absolutely!” And, my mentorship began!

A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor who has walked ahead of you in life. It is usually someone older than you who has walked through life ahead of you and is willing to share her lessons learned. The primary purpose of a mentor is to help you develop into the best you! 

What are your core values and who aligns with those?

God first. Family second. Career third. These are the values that drive my aspirations and measure my personal success. Your values become the compass of your mentorship. You and your mentor’s values should align, in order to improve yourself while not straying from what you stand for. Together, you will resolve emotions, focus on growth, and solidify your actions towards success. 

Who can hold you accountable with love?

Know my intent first. Understand my heart second. Tell me the truth third. A mentor holds you accountable with love. A mentor is not a “yes, you are awesome and doing everything right” person. You should receive counsel based on what is in your best interest in the short-term and long-term. In fact, a mentor should encourage you to change your perspective to see the potential that you can’t see in yourself. 

Who provides safety and allows vulnerability? 

Listen to my brokenness first. Be a confidant second. Encourage self-reflection third. A mentor provides a safe place where you can be vulnerable without fear of retaliation or criticism. You want to be the best version of yourself as a wife, mom, and/or professional inside or outside the home. A mentor fosters a safe place to be transparent and collaborates with you to turn your vulnerabilities into something beautiful. 

Do you have a mentor? If not, I challenge you to seek and find a mentor. What would YOUR mentor pitch be?

Someone out there is ready to share their wisdom and love with you!


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