Help Your Kindergartner Graduate with Success

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In just a few days, my baby boy will be graduating Kindergarten. That old saying of “everything you need to know, you learned in kindergarten” is so true! He has been learning how to read, write, be a good listener, friend, and student. All of these qualities we’ve tried to work on at home, but there is just something special about his Kindergarten teacher and the way she can teach those life values through creativity and love.
One life value we have been working on at home is how to start working for and saving money. My Kinder kid especially asks for all.the.things. A trampoline, new toys, a $50 birthday present for his friend. And while I think that is very sweet to want to buy them the deluxe box of Lego’s, it’s also important to recognize the value of a dollar, even as a young kid.
Every child learns differently, and I’d love to hear what works best for your family! Together with True Sky Credit Union, we’d love to see your Kindergartener set up for success.
    1. Start with the basics. We wanted our kids to understand the value of money early on. Games, poems, or sitting down to go over coins and bills a few times are a great way to get them learning. Also, we tell our kids how much things cost (when appropriate.) Their minds are blown at how high bills can be!
    2. Choose age appropriate chores. This helps them understand that the magical cleaning fairy doesn’t appear overnight to pick up all their toys and laundry and that someone has to do it! For my 6 year old, this includes making his bed, setting the table, putting his laundry away (I fold, he puts up), emptying trash cans, feeding the cat, cleaning up his room and/or toys in playroom, or picking up his toys from outside. What other chores do your children help with around the house? Suggest more in the comments!
    3. Reward for good and hard work. We don’t give an allowance, we pay our kids for chores they do throughout the week. We also don’t pay for other tasks they should do just because they live in the house! You don’t have to pay much, just something that says I see what you did, you worked hard, and you earned it.
    4. Help them save FIRST. From the money they’ve earned, we ask them to take and divide it up. We ask them to put money into savings and giving first, then what’s left over they can spend as their hearts desire. We use mason jars with money slots on top, so they can have a visual of what they have!
    5. Remind them of their goals. The constant question of “Can I have this??” always pops out when we are in a store. My typical response is, “Do you have enough money for that? Is that what you want to spend it on?” He then sees that if he spends the $6.89 now, it will take longer to save up for that $35 item he really wants.
    6. Open up a Savings Account. Our kids rely on us for so much, and that includes financial decisions. We thought it was very beneficial to open up a savings account for both of our kids so their money can accrue interest. We actually prefer a credit union for our personal banking. The interest rates are better, it’s nonprofit, and the customer service can’t be beat. 

The graduation of Kindergarten is a very important year, and it sets the tone for the rest of their school career! Let True Sky Credit Union help set the tone for your children’s financial success! You won’t regret making this a priority!

You can visit any True Sky OKC Metro location and mention Oklahoma City Moms Blog to open a free youth membership now through June!

How do you set your Kindergartner up for success?


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