Harkins Theatres: No Babysitter? No Problem!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Harkins Theatres. However, all opinions are 100% our own and we stand by Harkins Theatres Playcenter in all that we endorse.PlayCenter
I love going to the movies. The whole experience of it is fun for me! The ticket line, the concessions, finding the perfect center seat in a center aisle. My heart actually palpitates when the previews start (if we’re running late and are going to miss the previews, I basically don’t want to go anymore!) By the time the movie has started, I’m so caught up in the experience I usually forget what I’ve come to see! My husband and I used to frequent the movie theatres a lot when we were first married. Then we had kids and the date nights became less frequent. Time is a factor but more importantly…the babysitter is probably the biggest factor in why we don’t see many movies. We don’t have family in town so free babysitting isn’t usually an option unless we swap with friends. If we do find someone available, then we’ve just doubled the cost of a night out by adding babysitting fees to our date and that’s not always in the budget. That is why we love going to Harkins Theatres and using their PlayCenter!

For only $6 per child, you can use their drop in center when you want to see a movie! It is best to reserve a spot just in case it fills up, but we’ve used it quite a few times and it has never been crowded. My daughter loves going there so much that she sometimes looks sad when I say we are going to Harkins Theatres and she doesn’t realize it’s for a kids movie that she gets to see too…she loves the PlayCenter that much! There are toys, games, crafts, computers, books, and a movie and popcorn treat on a smaller scale if they choose. I thought my daughter would be a bit hesitant to go but once she saw all the fun that awaited inside, she ran right in and never looked back! Now she asks often if we can go to a movie just so she can go to the PlayCenter. And, they have great deals!  For a limited time, if you buy one PlayCenter visit, the next one is FREE! Or you can buy one adult ticket and get your next PlayCenter visit FREE!

HarkinsYou can’t beat that price for babysitting and the staff there is very professional, safe, and organized. The staff are fingerprinted and background checked so you truly have nothing to worry about while enjoying your movie! If you’ve been once they keep your information on file so you don’t have to fill out paperwork every time. The center is for potty trained children ages 3-8. There are multiple security points and you and your child have identity bracelets that must match in order to leave. You must show ID and receive a pager in case of emergency…but remember you aren’t far away, you are in the same building!

They also have gifts in the lobby for frequent visitors. You can purchase a souvenir T-shirt and cup for discounted drinks and popcorn at each visit throughout the year! No need to feel like a “Bad Mom” when you want to go see the latest R rated movie with your friends. You don’t have to scrounge around your address book or save your pennies for a babysitter, just remember the PlayCenter at Harkins and have a great evening out in Bricktown!

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