Hackney Chiropractic: Care from Conception to Birth and Beyond

We have partnered with Hackney Chiropractic to write this sponsored post to share this information with our local community of moms. All opinions are my own.

“Oh! I’m fine. It’s nothing!” – a simple phrase I often hear from mothers, the ever self-sacrificing force in a family unit. We often place ourselves last while juggling the responsibilities of caring for our loved ones. Sometimes though, there are those rare moments we take for self-care, something more than popping a Tylenol and wincing through pain.

When I first walked in to Hackney Chiropractic in Edmond, I was a little over halfway through my pregnancy and suffering from severe hip pain from gardening a couple days before. In that moment, I simply believed that chiropractic work was for pain alleviation – I had no idea the breadth of care that Hackney Chiropractic offers, and was so impressed by their specialized knowledge for serving women and children. Now, they’ve become one of the key players in my pursuit of a VBAC and overall wellness.

Drs. Daniel and Josiah Hackney, husband and wife, are at the heart of Hackney Chiropractic and have a passion for serving women and children. In fact, a significant number of their clientele are pregnant or are undergoing postpartum care. Walking into their clinic, it’s not difficult to see why. Their office is arranged to accommodate mothers – from their cozy nursing and diaper changing room, to their children’s play area, their pediatric adjustment tables, and the number of educational events catered toward expecting women – including a free monthly labor prep class. Stepping through the doors of Hackney Chiropractic feels like walking into the Hackney’s home – just one key feature that sets this clinic apart from others, and is exactly what the Hackneys had in mind when designing their space.

Daniel and Josiah have undergone extra education to serve infants and expecting mothers, and hold valuable connections throughout the community of doulas, midwives, and doctors and practitioners. Both are also certified in the Webster Technique – a technique that reported a 92% success rate of turning babies from a breech position. “With our certification,” Josiah Hackney explains, “we really wanted to focus on offering our services to moms. We want moms to know we’re here for you whether it’s preconception, you’re currently pregnant, or postpartum (because you’re postpartum forever!). We want to make sure wherever you are in that postpartum journey, you’re supported.

As I had learned from talking with Daniel and Josiah, chiropractic care isn’t simply for pain management, chiropractic care plays a key role for women trying to conceive, for pregnancy, and for postpartum care. As Josiah explains, “with chiropractic care you make adjustments to the spine to influence the nervous system, and the nervous system controls every system in the body.”

For conception,

Hackney Chiropractic ensures proper nerve flow to the uterus, supports organs involved in conception, and helps regulate optimal hormone levels. “It’s not uncommon for women struggling with infertility to become pregnant after chiropractic care” Josiah pointed out, a claim supported by several studies in the chiropractic community.


During pregnancy,

Hackney Chiropractic assists women to structurally prepare for labor and birth, as well as mentally and emotionally through community support. Regarding structural adjustments, Josiah explains that “as early as the first trimester, the curve in your spine already undergoes change that can be accompanied by lower back pain, sciatica, and neck pain.” Chiropractic care helps support the body as the muscles and joints undergo rapid changes. As well as “growing pains,” chiropractic care can also help mothers naturally alleviate sinus pressure, congestion, headaches, sleep problems, preeclampsia, and allow optimal positioning for labor: including pelvic balance for mom and correct positioning for baby.

Hackney Chiropractic also offers a Grotto Salt Therapy booth, one of my personal favorite features. One quick 15-minute session helps alleviate and heal skin problems, respiratory issues, and detox the body. (It’s also safe for baby!)

For postpartum and pediatric care,

Hackney Chiropractic helps the body heal after the major event of labor, and, for baby, they see infants experiencing constipation, colic, allergies, sleep problems, and for trouble breastfeeding. They see older children for many of the same problems, including bed-wetting.

Hackney Chiropractic truly recognizes the value in the “whole self” during the process of conception, pregnancy, and postpartum care. Josiah states “Rather than show up on the big day, we subscribe to the philosophy of ‘let’s train for this big day; let’s prepare for it’” and explains that “chiropractic care is just part of the team” that makes a birth rewarding and successful.

To read more about Hackney Chiropractic, listen to personal testimonies, or schedule an appointment, visit their site or call 405-388-2348. Be sure to mention you heard of them through Oklahoma City Moms Blog to receive a complementary consultation and exam.*

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  1. Yes!! So thankful for Dr. Josiah and Dr. Daniel helping me throughout pregnancy and postpartum and now caring for my seven month old!


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