Gotcha! April Fools Day Fun for the Family


I LOVE a good prank.  When I was little, my sister and I would eat cherries and use the cherry juice as “blood” to scare our mom.  It worked every time! April Fool’s Day is a great holiday to bring out your mischievous side and have some fun!  The origins of April Fool’s Day are a bit of a mystery.  Some believe it started in the 1500’s when France converted from the Julian calendar to the Gregoian calendar.  Anyone who still celebrated the New Year the last week of March-April 1st instead of the following the new calendar had a paper fish placed on their backs and were the punchline of jokes.  They were called an “April fish” or someone who is easily caught or gullible.  Hilarious right?  Thankfully pranks have come a long way since the 1500’s and now we have some great ways to play a few trick on your friends and family. 

10 Family Friendly April Fool’s Pranks

Before we begin, one thing I hate about these types of lists is that you will find a really great activity and then realize that you should have been saving toothpaste tubes for 3 months in order to pull it off!  So, I have broken this down into 2 categories- Plan Ahead Pranks and Last Minute Laughs. Whether you plan months in advance or are a last minute Lucy, there is a joke for you!

Plan Ahead Pranks 

  1. Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk– For this you willneed a bottle of white school glue and saran wrap.  Pour out the glue on the saran wrap into a spilt milk shape.  Let it dry overnight and peel it from the saran wrap.  You can  put the milk on pretty much everything- a computer, on the floor, on the sofa,  anywhere milk should not be!


  1. Yellow Teeth-Fill an empty toothpaste tube with mustard.  Sit back and wait for a sleepy family member to get a tangy treat when they brush their teeth! 





2. Doughnuts!Warning- filling work doughnuts with mayo WILL NOT get you Employee of the Month, but it will get you a gut-busting laugh! 


3. Double Stuff- This prank would fit nicely with Prank #2.  Just scrape off the filling from the Oreo and fill them with toothpaste.  Vanilla mint anyone? 






4. Jello Juice

When the kiddos come home from school and scream, “Mom, I’m thirsty!” you can have this prank ready for them.  Fill a glass with jello and a straw.  Once the Jello is set, serve it to your thirsty kiddos and giggle! 






5. Chocolate for Everyone! 

Wrapping grapes in colored foil to resemble chocolates is a prank that can be played at home, school or work! BONUS- Easter is on April 1st! 







Last Minute Laughs

1. He Did What?! –This one is a great prank to pull on your kiddo right after they get home from school.  Pretend like you are on the phone with the principal and say things like “I can’t believe this!”  “He/she said what?”  “Whatever discipline you think is appropriate, I will support you.” Then hang up the phone and watch your child squirm!

2. I Bought you an IPad!- If your child or significant other is a techie,  gift wrap an eye pad and tell them you bought them an IPad.  You may get coal for Christmas, but it will be worth it!








3. The Cover Up- This may be the easiest one of all.  Just put a piece of tape over the remote control laser and watch your family go bonkers trying to figure out why they can’t change the channel. 

4. No More Soap!  Remove the lid from the body wash, place a piece of plastic over the top, replace the lid and voila- instant prank!

What are your favorite pranks?  Share them with us!  


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