Fun Dad: The Man, The Myth, The Legend {Father’s Day Series}


In celebration of Father’s Day this year we thought we’d bring you some very special guest contributors – our husbands!  We hope you enjoy this unique view into #dadlife from the men in our lives. 

I’ve been a Dad now for almost 5 years. The time I have with my kids has flown by, so I try my best to enjoy the moments I have with them. With the stresses of life and running a business, I can come home tired with no energy. Sometimes I just want to come home and rest, but I have another responsibility when I walk in the house-my responsibility to my family to be a father and husband. If the day has been stressful for my wife she will ask me to turn on “Fun Dad”. What is Fun Dad, you might ask? Fun Dad has no limits. When the kids see me walk in and yell out, “Fun Dad is here, what do you kids wanna do??” they know the sky is the limit.


I can be whatever super hero, pet dog, or villain my kids want me to be. I’ve played dress up, I’ve sat down in my kids’ chair, uncomfortable for hours as they feed me the same plate of wooden apples and bread over and over and have had to smile and thank them at least 400 times before they want to move on to the next activity. We’ve played zookeeper and had a showing of 10 of our favorite animals. My son was the zookeeper and my daughter and I were the audience. My son, wearing play glasses, a vest, and a walky talky, was the zookeeper. He stood up on a chair and explained what each animal was using stuffed animals in our house. This was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. My son let us pet each animal. A couple of times he would jump back as though he was saving us from being bitten by the imaginary pet.


My favorite Fun Dad thing to do is set up an imaginary scene throughout the house, turn off the lights, give them a flashlight, pull them around in the laundry basket and let their minds run wild. They love it!


I’m not sure what it is about Fun Dad, but he’s good for me too. He gets me out of my mind, away from thinking about work, and gives me an energy I didn’t have before I came home. The best part of it is seeing my kids getting so into the moment and enjoying every minute. What my kids want most of all is my time – to stop thinking about work and give them the attention they deserve. Not only am I creating fun memories, I’m also building a bond with my kids that will last forever. They won’t remember or even care what I did for work or how accomplished I was but they will remember all the times I showed interest in them, and the times I showed them that how much I enjoy and love them. There is nothing more thrilling than to be my kids’ role model and their hero, so thanks, Fun Dad.

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Anna is an Oklahoma transplant originally from Washington state. While here for college she fell in love with OKC as well as her husband Mike. They have been married for 6 years and have 2 hilarious children- Bauer (4) and Davee (18 months). Anna enjoys hairstyling, working out, indoor soccer, Netflix marathons, and eating terrible things while her kids are asleep. Anna adores several parts of the metro but especially The Village, where she calls home, and the Mid-town area.


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