Free & Cheap Date Night Ideas in OKC


date night okcEvery Friday night my husband and I have the opportunity to drop the kids off at their grandparent’s house and enjoy a night out!  (Just in case you don’t have the grandparent card to play, check out this post on “How to Start a Date Night Co-op.“) Although we have fun eating out or going somewhere expensive, many times, we want to have fun without draining the bank.

So I’ve put together a list of fun dates that focuses on the time together instead of the money spent:

1.  Play Frisbee Golf at one of the many OKC area parks

2.  Enjoy a stroll through Will Rogers Rose Garden & take an English style picnic with tea & crumpets.  Well, whether or not you take the tea, it’s the perfect setting to enjoy the roses and natural beauty while enjoying each others company.

3.  Speaking of nature, try making your way through Martin Nature Park without a compass.  I would keep one with you just in case, but it’s a lot of fun to wander, put your feet in the water, and watch the animals in a habitat of their own nestled in the hub bub of the city.

4.  There is always something fun and often free happening at the Myriad Gardens.

All the above are FREE but if you happen to be there on a non-free event night, enjoy the scenery and let your fun side out in the park, where sliding down their out of the box slide will allow you to rethink your possibilities.

5.  Bike ride, fly a kite, watch radio controlled airplanes, or for a minimal fee practice your golf game on the 3 hole practice course at Lake Hefner.  I used to run around Lake Hefner, which was not my husband’s idea of a good time and he used to golf there, which was not my idea of a good time.  But I will tell you that it’s 3 hole practice course has brought us lots of laughs and actually gave me an appreciation for a game that I thought was ridiculous.

6.  Enjoy an ice cream sandwich at Roxy’s Ice Cream Social.  All their ice cream is delicious but there is just something about eating a monster ice cream sandwich that is about the size of my face that makes me smile and enjoy the time with my hubby all the more.

7. Explore the Chinatown Super Market or Spices of India Grocery store, find some interesting ingredients, then google a recipe to create at home and enjoy!

8.  Take in art, music, and much more by attending these FREE events:

For a discounted admission of $5 to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, plan your visit on Thursday after 5pm.  For extra fun bring a sketchbook along and try to recreate your favorite pieces of art or scenes from the night and visit the Roof Terrace Bar.

9.  Enjoy live music and more every Friday & Saturday night at Full Circle Bookstore.  It’s the perfect place for yummy treats, great books, music, great conversation and during the winter, warm fireplaces.  If you have a hankering for learning something extra check out one of many events or groups that is occurring throughout the week from book clubs to conversational Spanish to book signings.

10.  Use your passes.  Many of us purchase passes to the Zoo, Science Museum, Frontier City or even the Venture Pass.  Why not plan a date when you can use the pass without the kids!  It’s always fun to play with your spouse so why not take advantage of the passes you’ve already purchased and enjoy the time without having to chase kiddos down too!?!

11. Go on a Geocaching adventure!  If you are not familiar with geocaching, read this.  Basically, it’s like a treasure hunt wherever you happen to be.

12. Pull out your dancing shoes and try Ball Room Dancing for about $5/lesson on Friday nights!  Truly, this is so much fun even, you’ve got to give it a try.

What are some of your favorite inexpensive Date Night Ideas in OKC?


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