Five Ways To Get Outdoors NOW!


Do you wish you could get your kids outside more? Maybe you even plan all this fun stuff to do, like park meet ups and play dates. But plans change or you just don’t have the energy when it comes down to it. Well, I am here to tell you just how easy it is to actually get outdoors with your kids! 

girl sitting in flower field

But first, some cold hard facts on why you just need to DO it! 

Sanford Health states the top five reasons (I’m on a five kick I guess) for getting kids outdoors is:

  1. Builds physically healthier children. Think of all the pushing and pulling and aerobic exercise they are doing by just running around the backyard!
  2. Contributes to cognitive and social/emotional development. Learn to share, use their imagination, and reduce stress all by getting outdoors!
  3. Improves their sensory skills. Kids can use ALL of their senses while outdoors!!
  4. Increases attention span. A child’s attention span can be greatly increased just by spending time outside and having self-directed play!
  5. Happiness and better immunity. Umm, don’t you want healthier and happier kids?! Then scoot them right on out that door!

Ok so now that we know the reasons WHY we should get outside, how can we ensure we follow through even when we don’t want to?!

I am going to share five easy ways to get outdoors right NOW!

1. Take that book outdoors!

If you wanna do double duty for your kids’ brains, read them a book outdoors! It is a perfect way to incorporate something you want to get done, like reading to them, while breathing in that fresh air. I love finding ways to take the indoors out and this first tip is super easy!

2. Eat breakfast/lunch/dinner under the sun or moon!

kids eating outside

Yes, that is right. You don’t have to eat indoors. This is a supermom way of getting in that Vitamin D while doing a simple task. AND you might just get your kids to eat more. Mine always tend to be more focused on eating while sitting outside. Not sure why, but from one mom to another, it does help!

3. Find a simple task to complete together outside!

Maybe you have a garden you are working on for spring, or maybe you have a project that needs to be painted, or the dogs need to be washed. Find that “must do” item and see if you can’t make it work outside today! I often find when I have a purpose for going outside it makes it easier for even me to feel excited about getting outdoors. We are all going to feel like it’s hard to just get out there every once in a while, but don’t linger in that feeling. MOVE and find your purpose for getting out there today!

4. Go for a walk!

Getting outside with our kids doesn’t have to be a full-day, hours-long ordeal. It can be just as simple as loading them in the stroller and walking around your neighborhood. No matter the weather (I mean, within reason) there is always time for a walk! It will have such a positive impact on your mood and your kids! 

5. Grab a mat and do some yoga moves!

girl yoga pose

It doesn’t have to be coordinated or planned. Just go for the spur of the moment yoga poses that come to your mind. Don’t have an idea of where to start? You can search my Yoga For the Outdoors Pinterest board here for easy moves! This is a great way to get your kids (and you) involved in positive body movements! Your blood will be flowing and with each breath, you each will become calmer! Try it next time you or your kids are feeling frazzled!

I truly believe there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing, just like Sir Ranulph Fiennes said! The positive effects of getting outdoors aren’t just for when it’s sunny and 75 (although a little Jake Owens makes everything better). You can reap all the goodness of the outdoors, even in the spur of the moment. So do me a favor and find a way to drop what you are doing (whatever you do, don’t drop the baby!) and get outside right NOW!

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Brittni Brown
Brittni is a Kansas girl at heart and newly married to her Kansas born but Sooner bred husband Josh. A sweet baby girl named Marci Ann and 3 dogs round out their loving family. They call Moore home having moved here from Houston. Within the past year and half she has moved to OK, married her love, graduated from college, spent 9 months on bed rest, and birthed her beautiful MA. She is a follower of Christ, blessed wife, and aspiring homeroom mom. She is fueled by Half-Caff Vanilla Caramel Coconut Milk Lattes and anything sweet. She is a GF baking pro, avid baby wearer, hedgehog lover, and Christmas obsessor. You can find her keeping it real and simple over at her blog Marci & Me!


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