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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Family Friendly Homes. However, all opinions are 100% of my own.

When our first son was born, I obsessed about everything safety related. Read the books and the blogs, became overwhelmed with friendly advice/opinions from others and, like any first time mom…was terrified of messing anything up. When he became mobile, baby proofing was probably the most difficult thing to accomplish because, well, as we discovered, you really can’t baby proof EVERYTHING! Enter: Family Friendly Homes, the baby proofing experts.

While the business itself only officially started in March 2016, Brett Tatum and Joe Lassiter have now devoted almost a year of researching and hands-on training to learning the business. Brett, proud uncle to a curious toddler and Joe, soon to be first time daddy, decided to dive in to this adventure when they realized that more often than not, people do not baby proof to the best of their abilities. Their business goal is to educate others on the correct way to keep kiddos safe, while offering aesthetically pleasing, top of the line products at an affordable price with a time efficient installation process.

How many “uh-ohs” can you spot on my bakers rack in the kitchen? The solution: just anchor it down!

Did I mention they are the only company in Oklahoma to offer this service? Yep. THE ONLY ONE!

With the pending arrival of our second son quickly approaching, I was lucky enough to have the guys come to our home and complete a consultation, while learning about their process. Not only did I get further educated on how to better baby proof with TWO little ones, but it was quick and surprisingly painless. Best part? We didn’t fail as badly as I thought that we would with what we already have/have not done (check out some of our “failure” photos!). I am excited to share a few things I personally loved about this experience…

1. I didn’t have to follow them from room to room during the inspection.

As a busy mama, the last thing I want to do is feel like I have to follow professionals around to do their jobs. I prefer to let them do what they’re trained to do, and stay the heck out of the way. Brett and Joe gave the option of going room to room with me, but I felt more comfortable with the “hands off” approach. They went through each room, examining necessary pieces of furniture, outlets, etc, and simply sat down with me at the end with their suggestions and pricing bid. Easy peasy!

2. They were honest.

Family Friendly Home’s theory is “likelihood vs risk” when examining your home. They aren’t trying to give you a pitch or force you in to a decision of 5 billion different products. As a matter of fact, Brett stands firm in NOT doing same-day installs, if possible. They prefer people “sleep on it” and not feel rushed. This was the exact approach they took with me, and guess what? We DID decide to back off on a few things I was dead set on. In fact, they’ll be out next week before our second baby arrives to install the things I absolutely decided I could not live without.

While these nifty plug covers might seem safe in theory--compared to the alternative--they are actually a huge choking hazard!
While these nifty plug covers might seem safe in theory–compared to the alternative–they are actually a huge choking hazard!

3. They offer super cool products.

Seriously, y’all. Whether it’s indoor install products, like the totally awesome Door Guardian I’m so excited for, baby gates for stairs/large areas or the safety fence around your pool area, these guys have got some top notch items. They even have cool alternatives for the standard outlet plugs most of us use as they are one of the leading choking hazards in kiddos. They realize that when you baby proof, you still want your home to look and feel like a home, not a sterile environment; they offer colors pleasing to the eye and try to match products to your paint/doors/etc. All of their pricing is offered at “install price” on your personalized bid, not by product on their website. Why? Because a huge part of their service is PROFESSIONAL installation and customer service: aka–you truly get what you pay for!

4. They’ll even go to Grandma’s house. 

If you’re like me, you feel rude asking anyone to baby proof their home for YOUR children. However, our family personally spends a LOT of time in both sets of grandparent’s homes! In our at home environment, big bro isn’t allowed in the kitchen…at Grammy and Nana’s? All bets are off. I LOVE some of the products that Family Friendly Homes offers that can be permanent fixtures when grand babies are on the loose, but out of sight/out of mind when they are not currently there terrorizing each room.

While Everett is rarely left unsupervised because, well, toddlers cannot be trusted amiright--can you spot the #1 hazard in our guest bathroom? Nope, not the hunting magazine OR the poopouri...the aerosol!
Can you spot the #1 hazard in our guest bathroom? It’s the aerosol! Of course it went below the sink immediately–but how many houses have you visited with similar choices on the throne?

This company is a blessing to us busy mamas who tend to freak out over tiny things everything when our kiddos are involved. Let this company take the guess work out of baby proofing FOR you, so you can maybe get 5 extra winks at night. Their web site is full of cool tips, photos and information–check it out and e-mail them directly from the site or call 405-254-6666 for your consult! If you mention this article, and that you follow Oklahoma City Moms Blog, you’ll even get 10% off of your first installation!


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