Fall DIYs for the Halloween Haters


Have you ever driven by those houses with stunning front door setups? The kind that inspires you to do the same but deep down you don’t want to spend a grocery bills worth on decorations and you don’t have time to do some fancy DIY? I got you covered. These two crafts can be fun with kids or something you do on your own with some downtime. 

Fall leaf Lanterns. 

This will take you 15 minutes on your own or 30 with tiny hands that want to help. You also only need three items. 

Paper lanterns, I got these off of amazon.
Artificial leaves, Also from Amazon.
Craft glue. I used .spray on glue and it made the project go so smoothly.

First, you want to make sure most of your leaves are loose and ready to use. It’s a tedious task but getting it out of the way will make this much more manageable. After that, open your lanterns and stretch them out. Don’t worry if the paper rips where the wire touches. It’s unavoidable. You can cover it up if you wish. Tips before you begin, Spray your glue and wait until it’s tacky. If it is too wet the leaves won’t cling. Do it in small sections and start with a sparse layer. You can fill in spots later. I liked leaving open spots to let the light shine more. Below is a collage showing how stinking easy this is!

Now just snag an LED candle or Christmas lights and enjoy the lovely glow!

Fabric Pumpkins (aka scarf pumpkins)

Last year my husband’s sweet Memaw passed away. She was a woman of many clothes! Within these clothes was a large collection of scarves. I love scarves but there was no possible way I could wear all of them. I didn’t want to donate them either. Then inspiration hit when I found this tutorial on fabric pumpkins.

It looked simple enough and I owned every single item. Instead of pieces of fabric, however, I used those scarves! I think it’s so versatile and an amazing way to show your kids basic sewing techniques. 

You’ll need;
Needle and thread
Stims (I found some at dollar tree)
Garland or flowers for an extra touch.

Just follow the tutorial linked above. It is quick and a great activity to do watching TV or when nap time hits. As you’ll see below I started one while watching a movie with my Mother in law. 

I love these pumpkins because they can be so eclectic and unique. You can really personalize them and set them anywhere for a quick touch of cuteness.

Happy crafting!

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