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I’ve already mentioned my love for this season before, but do you know what’s better than cooler temps, changing leaves, and pumpkin bread? Ok, ok NOTHING is better than pumpkin bread. But decorating for fall comes close. The colors to me are much prettier and richer than Christmas. And when else can you beautify your porch with something you don’t have to water?! Gourds are the best porch decor! Best of all you can really put this stuff out in mid September and leave it up until Winter!  Because autumnal decorating doesn’t HAVE to be holiday specific. And even if it is…like Thanksgiving…. it’s appropriate to be thankful in any month so just put it up early and be thankful longer! Before you fret and check your budget and head to Hobby Lobby to splurge on leaf garlands and wicker pumpkins (although those are cute!), let me show you an easy peasy banner craft you can make for FREE that is perfect for fall.


All you need is used brown grocery bags, ribbon or string, hole punch and a sharpie. Most moms have those around the house right? (scissors and stencils are optional).


I wanted a rougher look for my banner so I just tore the grocery bags into semi equal pieces. Another great things about this craft is you don’t have to have straight lines! It’s okay if the bag is wrinkled or distressed and it’s okay if none of your pieces are the same size. Then I used my friends handy dandy stencils to spell out “Happy Fall” and “Give Thanks.” I used a sharpie but you could use paint. You could also free hand letters or print some out to cut out or use one of those nifty cricut machines if you have one. I don’t, so sharpie it is! Other great phrases you could use for the season are:

Harvest Time

Be Thankful

Pumpkin Time

Trick or Treat

Autumn Blessing

Grateful HeartsDSC_7089 After I colored the letters in I crumpled each piece to make it look more distressed. Then I punched holes and used some twine I had to string and hang them. DSC_7111   I love the one on my mantle. I couldn’t decide where to put the second one but for now it’s in our breakfast nook. DSC_7129 Easy and free to make, looks great, and will store easily! Because if it gets wrinkled, it just adds to the distressed look!

Where would you hang yours? What phrase would you use? How do you decorate your home for fall?

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Katie left her home state of Tennessee to come pursue an interior design degree in Oklahoma fourteen years ago. She met a handsome young fella from Oregon while in school, and they decided to marry and settle down in OKC. A dog and two daughters soon followed. She has been a textile designer, showroom merchandiser, custom furniture draftsman and children’s minister, but her most challenging and favorite role has definitely been that of a mother. You can read about the adventures she shares with her family at Strawberry Ruckus. Katie enjoys reading, being creative, exploring old houses, eating peanut butter, zumba and watching complete television series all at once on Netflix.



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