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Hello, my name is Nicah and I have a fabric buying problem. I think there’s something about having a baby that made me go into full on fabric hoarding mode. I’m not even that into sewing, but I have a Pinterest page full of ideas and inspiration that says otherwise. One of these days I’ll make him a blanket – when I get more than two minutes to myself. So I’m guessing I’ll finish it sometime around his college graduation. I will say this stash has already saved me once with this child. When his Halloween costume needed a little something extra, it was nice to be able to dig through and find a cute print to make into the most adorable little bow tie. Plus, I know as he grows there will be lots of last minute costumes to make, and knowing me, I will remember the midnight before and the stores will be closed and I will be proud of my hoarding ways. And yes, I do realize I sound like the crafting version of Doomsday Preppers.

Back to the fabric and where to get it.



Aren’t these just the cutest, quirkiest little prints? I got them from Quiltworks in Oklahoma City. It’s at 9323 N Pennsylvania Ave in OKC and it is just the best place I’ve found for selection and price. These are all “fat quarters” (fabric cut into 1/4 a yard), but cut so you get a wider chunk. I like them because they are easy to work with, cheap, and don’t take up a ton of room in my house and we all know that they’re going to sit there awhile.  You can find them scattered around the Quiltworks, already cut and packaged, easy to grab and fun to lay out in different patterns right there in the store. 

I wouldn’t normally venture out just to go fabric shopping. For most of my crafting life I’ve just grabbed whatever at the big chains because it’s convenient and I don’t feel so out of my element. But I’m so glad I took the time to seek out a quality and LOCAL fabric shop. By shopping here and places like it, you support our local economy and you meet some really talented and kind people who are more than happy to help you figure out what you need. I love Oklahoma and it’s places like Quiltworks that make it what it is and who we are. Keep crafting and keep shopping local.

Oh and if you have some ideas for quick projects I could do with all this cute fabric, I would love to hear them! Sometimes I just need someone else to light a fire under me to get started.

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Hello! I’m a single mom living in Norman, Oklahoma. First and foremost, I am “Mama” to my sweet little boy (Locke-10 months). I love all things festive and creative, and I’m happiest when I’m making pretty things. These days it’s a little trickier to find time to create. But when the bath has been given, the stories and prayers have been said, and when Baby is all snug in his bed, you can find me at my computer. It’s during this rare and fleeting downtime when I can get my ideas down and into my shop, etsy.com/shop/nicahlowrydesign. You can also follow me on Instagram at nicahlowrydesign where I post my newest work and anything that happens to inspire me or makes me happy.


  1. I love those fabrics! I too have an addiction. I can’t wait to check out that store…although I have no where else to store more fabric.


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