Every Holiday is a Celebration

What the “leprechaun” will leave my son.

Yes, apparently every month of the year has one specific day that denotes itself to Noah as a holiday that we MUST celebrate. For this month of March, my son Noah is insisting that we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Now, I have to admit I am not caught up on my history lessons of what Saint Patrick’s Day is about, except I know that I must wear green to not be pinched AND that everyone needs to kiss me because I am Irish (or at least I think I am because I have red hair?)

Anyway, it all started on our drive home a couple weeks ago when Noah shouted from the back seat –

Mom! I need to catch the Leprechaun!

At this moment I had no clue what he was talking about so I asked him what leprechaun and why we were needing to catch him –

You know, the Leprechaun for St. Patty’s Day! We have to make a booby trap to catch him, and then I am going to lift up the booby trap and hold him down to find out WHERE he is hiding his Pot of Gold! Mom we HAVE to do that!

Okay, so at this point I have to agree with him. I want to know where this stinky little leprechaun is hiding his pot of gold at so now we have no choice but to catch him.

I got on Pinterest to search “How to catch a Leprechaun for St. Patty’s Day“. I came across so many cute ideas but my favorite idea is to put a “pot of gold” treat bag under his booby trap for the Leprechaun while he is asleep. We also plan on putting green food coloring in the toilet along with green foot prints on the toilet seat as well as on Noah’s face! I am looking forward to when he wakes up with excitement and amazement that the leprechaun was in HIS house.

After our conversation of Noah’s desire to catch the leprechaun, it made me sit down and think. It made me think of just how much I love celebrating holidays with him – big and small. It made me think of how creative of a child I have for him to think of this all by himself, and how as a mom I need to let his creativity come to life.  It made me think of how his innocence is still just so precious and will only last a short while.

AND  for these reasons we now fully celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (but still might not know the history behind the holiday).

What are some ways you celebrate small holidays with your children? Do you let your kids decide or do you lead them in tradition?


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