Encouraging Words We Should Use More Often


I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately.  We’re having sleep issues transitioning to a toddler bed and I can’t decide if it’s the cause or effect of the raging tantrums from mom and son alike.  And while I know this is just a stage and we will soon return to a normally scheduled awesome sleeper, I can’t lie – these days feel like an eternity of epic mommy failure.

Thankfully, I have some awesome friends.  The kind of friends who always know just what to say (or not say) when I need to hear it the most. It got me thinking that there are a few phrases we as mom should keep in our arsenal for each other in times of need.

AwesomeYou’re doing a great job.  I can’t be the only one who feels like I’m failing at this whole mother thing ALL the time, right?  And I’m sure there are moments when every mother feels like others can clearly tell we’re failing, right? I think it’s in our nature to beat ourselves up a little too much.  Surely I’m not failing completely, but it definitely feels like it (especially this week).  And while I probably shouldn’t care what others think, the validation from someone else telling me I’m not only NOT failing, but actually doing something right always helps freshen my perspective and attitude.

You made the right decision. Breast or formula? Cloth or disposable? Stroller or wear? It seems that there are endless choices from the time our tiny human enters the world. It doesn’t help that for every book telling you how to do something, there is a book telling you why that way is the wrong way.  And we moms can be just as bad about judging each other’s parenting styles (I know I’m guilty).  But when you really boil it down, as long as the decision made is the best decision for that family, then it really is the right decision, right?

Your child is so well mannered.  If I had to choose two universal goals I believe most moms strive for, they would include getting children to sleep through the night and successfully teaching manners. From my limited experience, it seems children are always better behaved for people other than good old mom, so unless someone mentions these behaviors exist, we may question their existence.  It warms my heart with pride when I hear that my child shared without being asked or was simply a good listener.

What encouraging words would you add to this list?




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