Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids or Parents


Not only is my family full of fall and pumpkin enthusiasts, but we are also huge Halloween fans. It’s a day to dress up, eat pizza for dinner, go trick or treating with cousins, and stay up past bedtime. What’s not to love?  Here’s the deal though. I am not about to drop a ton of money on some one-size- fits-all, ill-fitting costume that will be worn once. So I am sharing a few costume ides we’ve come up with over the last couple of years. My rules for making costumes fun and easy are:

  • We try to use things we already have.
  • If we need something to complete the costume we check out thrift stores.
  • If there is a specific costume we want, we search to buy it used. 
  • Costumes have to be comfortable and warm enough to trick or treat in, for the kiddos and for me.


Pick a Decade

Put your hair in a ponytail, make a headband from a handkerchief, and add a denim shirt to be Rosie the Riveter or some other 50s variation.. Guys can roll their jeans and t shirt sleeves and slick their hair back.  Or straighten your hair and pair it with some flowy tops to go 60s or 70s. If that doesn’t appeal to you how about finding some big jewelry and laying that blush and eye shadow on thick to go 80s? Easy Peasy.


Photo from Pic 2 Remember Photo Booth










Salt and Pepper Shakers

All you need is a partner, a white shirt, a black shirt, electrical tape, masking tape, and colanders. Using the electrical tape make an “S” on the front of a white shirt. Using masking tape make a “P” on a black shirt. Wear colanders on your head. Viola! You are now salt and pepper shakers!







Where’s Waldo

I found a red and white striped shirt at a thrift store for $1.00 and a red stocking hat at Wal-Mart for about $2.50. I already wear black rimmed glasses. You can search a thrift store or party supply store for a pair though. This was the cheapest and most comfortable costume ever. 







Slice of Pizza

One year I found this pizza costume on Ebay for about $3.00. My son has worn it for a few Halloweens in a row. I like it because he can wear warm clothes underneath. I realize it may be hard to find this exact, random costume again. It’s sandwich board style though, and I think would be fairly simple to make by stringing two cardboard cutouts together. It’s a perfect reminder that we don’t have to buy something expensive and brand new. Search Facebook Marketplace, online sales groups, or Ebay for good costume deals. 




 Overalls are Endless Possibilities

Overalls can easily be modified for a scarecrow or farmer. Or add a handkerchief around the neck and wear a cap. Boom! You have a train conductor. Splatter with washable paints and poke some paint brushes out of the pockets for an artist or painter. You could throw on a green or red hat and shirt. Pencil on a mustache. Now you have Mario or Luigi. 






Borrow an oversize white button down shirt from dad or big brother’s closet to wear as a lab coat. Add a pair of safety googles and a magnify glass to complete the look.








Last minute last year my daughter decided she wanted to wear her brother’s PJs to go as a fire fighter. It was not fancy, but it was painless. She was happy all evening.





Comment below with what you and your kiddos are dressing up as this year, or let me know about any easy and successful costume ideas from past years. Happy Halloween

Easy Halloween Costumes


  1. Love your ideas, especially S&P! As a Drama Mama, I can attest that thrift stores are a great resource for costumes. One of the best things to get there is the oversized whited shirt – if you get one with ruffles, you can pair it with capris, a bandana, and an eyepatch to go as a pirate. Also, the cotton tiered skirts in gingham or solid colors can be paired with the ruffled shirt and an apron, put your hair in a bun, and carry a pail to be a pioneer woman. Funny how all the “young’uns” like to dress up for the 70’s & 80’s too – lots of material for those decades to be found at the thrift store too!


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