Easter Bunny Cake


My Grandmother used to make a bunny cake for Easter when I was a little girl. I know family traditions are usually reserved for holidays like Christmas or birthdays, but the bunny cake is one memory I wanted to pass down to my daughter. I’m no chef or baking pro either so trust me….it’s pretty easy!!


Step 1: Make two round cakes in whatever recipe and flavor you like. I personally like the mix that’s already in a box that I can just whip together, but some of you out there may be a little more talented and bake from scratch!


Step 2: Once the cake is completely cooled, transfer one of the circles to a cutting board and cut 2 curved lines as seen in the picture. (It is okay to make the cake one day, refrigerate it, and decorate it hours later or even the next day. Sometimes the coolness can help it stay together easier when cutting it.) The outer pieces will become the ears and the center piece will become the bow tie.


Step 3: Find the platter or piece of cardboard you plan to serve on. Cover it (I use colored paper with wax paper on top) Arrange the head in center, ears at top, and bow tie below the head as seen in the photo. If it breaks apart during cutting or transferring….don’t stress! You can cover up a multitude of sins with LOTS of icing!


Step 4: Once it looks like a bunny head…you are ready for icing! I take the easy route here too and use two cans of store bought icing but I like to put it in my mixer and whip it for awhile. This makes it easier to spread, lighter, and doubles the volume! Really glob it on and spread it around gently to avoid cake crumbs getting in it. You can top with coconut flakes if you like, but I don’t like. I think a chocolate iced bunny or strawberry bunny would be delicious, this one just happens to be cream cheese. For other colors you can just add some food coloring to your icing.


Step 5: Now for the most fun part! Decorate your bunny head with your favorite candies! This is my daughters favorite part. We like to use jelly beans, but as you can see there are also Twizzlers whiskers, pink icing, and sprinkles on that delicious bunny face!


Now you have an adorable center piece for your Easter table!easter-table-with-cake

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