DIY Personalized Books for Kids


PhotoBooksI have a weakness for DIY projects. The problem is that at any given time I have a dozen things that have been started. Anybody else the same way? Please tell me that I’m not the only one! I recently started and completed two projects in a weekend and wanted to share my success.

Shutterfly had a couple of discount codes floating around for free photobooks. I’m a sucker for a good deal, so I snatched up the opportunity to create books for my two oldest girls that I had mentally created months ago. By using things that we had around our house, my girls now have their own personalized books that they can cherish for a years to come.

To start, I found a place in my house that had great natural lighting for my picture taking. The landing of our stairs was the perfect spot. With the help of my husband keeping the kiddos entertained elsewhere in the house, I started gathering toys to create my photos.

For my 6 year old, I created an I Spy book that had pages filled with different combinations of her toys. The pages opposite of each picture contain a list of things for her to spy. It has been a great way for my budding reader to learn some new words!

I Spy Collage

Since my 3 year old is still working on learning all of her letters, I created her an alphabet book. When I uploaded these photos into the book, I added the upper and lower case letters to each page so that she could correspond that Aa is for airplane, anteater, apple, Anna, angel, apron, etc.

ABC Book Collage

When I gifted the books to my daughters during a recent road trip, they were each thrilled for a new book that had their own picture on the cover, but were over the moon excited that their books each contained items that were near and dear to their hearts. What a fun DIY project that only cost me some time and shipping.




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