Ditch the Gingerbread – Christmas Cones Are Where Its At!


Every year around mid-November I see cute little packages of gingerbread cottages that promise tons of “delicious family fun”! But after two years of constructing those eyesores, I finally told myself enough was enough. 

Maybe I’m getting cynical in my 30’s. Maybe I’m a borderline Grinch. But I loathe gingerbread houses.

For one, no matter how much icing you use, you WILL get desperate and contemplate using glue.

Then, the candy that comes with the houses all tastes like those hard, strawberry candies your grandma left on her counter for a decade. My kids loved making the edible creations but when it came time to eat them, they balked at the taste. I finally refused to buy them because I felt like they were a waste of money as well as my sanity.

Enter: Christmas Cones. 

What are Christmas Cones? A tasty and more cost-effective way to have some holiday fun! All you need is: 

  • a box of sugar cones 
  • green icing
  • candy (like that mountain your kids have been hoarding since Halloween) 

That’s it! Flip the cones upside down (that’s right, ZERO construction, momma!) spread some green icing on it, and decorate! Voila! A candy-coated Christmas tree! 

One of the best things about this gingerbread alternative is that they actually get eaten and the kids can make more than one! Just look at these happy faces when we made ours last year!

Have you ever made Christmas Cones? Drop a pic in our comments! 


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