Dear Mom in Recovery


Dear Mom in Recovery,

I see you.

I see you fighting to be a new person. I see you fighting to beat the stigma and the odds.

I see your passion and desire to be the best mom for your babies, the mom they deserve.

I see the drive to be the mom whose children never have to live with an addicted parent again.

I see your strength.

I see you trying to juggle meetings, work, and learning to be a sober parent.

I see you trying not to be discouraged and thinking you will never get ahead.

I see the fear and questioning in your eyes if it’s really worth it. And I promise you, IT IS and so are YOU!

I see you on bad days, trying everything to keep from falling back into the old ways. Mom, keep trying any and every way to stay clean!

Remember there are still hard days ahead. Even those who never fought demons have struggles. But remember there is still great purpose in hard days as well as easier ones.

And, mom, I hope that when I see you, I reach out and offer support in any way I can. Because mom, I am you.

I hope you can see that by never giving in and never giving up, life does get better.

I hope you see what happens every morning that you wake up and decide for today, you will not use. And that you are able to see the beauty in each new day you live clean.

I hope you feel loved and accepted just the way you are.

I hope you reach out for help and can be honest with your struggles. There are moms out there who understand addiction and recovery.

I hope you continue to be the best mom you can be, just for today.

I hope you make wise choices.

I hope you open the gift of recovery, you cherish its value, and share it with others.

I hope you break the cycle of addiction in your family.

I see you mom. I love you and am here to support you along this beautiful journey.

Another mom blessed to find recovery

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