3 Ways to Curb Mindless Social Media-ing


I will be the first to admit that I have a phone addiction. I spend so much time scrolling endlessly through social media, half the time not even realizing what I am seeing. I am determined to not be one of those mindless mombies (zombie mom) who ignores her children in favor of Instagram. At least not all the time. A little “independent play” is good for everyone. Here are a few strategies I am going to try to implement:

1. Move Apps Around

A friend just recently suggested this to me and I thought it was so simple and yet so brilliant. Do you ever grab your phone to check a date or the time and before you know it you’re down the Facebook rabbit hole looking at your high school ex-boyfriend’s cousins wedding in Maui? Our fingers are so trained to click on the same things time and time again. Switching a social media app for news or music can help deter the tech thumbs from falling into habitual scrolling.

2. Download a Tracker App

Sometimes we all just need a slap in the face from some cold, hard data. Apparently, there are apps that track the amount of time spent on social media. They also provide stats on where your usage falls compared to people in similar demographics. I have yet to do this one because I’m really scared to face the truth. I’ll be sure to post about it on social media when I do finally find out. Haha just kidding!

3. Just Fifteen Minutes

This past week another mama shared an article with me highlighting the importance of fifteen minutes of uninterrupted play with our children. I thought to myself, I’m a stay at home mom, I do that all day every day.


When I paid close attention, I either got up to switch laundry or check my phone on average by the five minute mark. Gasp! Setting a timer and choosing to be really intentional with play is going to become part of our daily routine. Some days I am sure I will go well past the timer. Other days I will be interrupted by something that just can’t wait, but I love the idea.

All this being said, I think social media is incredible tool. I love connecting with people I wouldn’t normally get to and seeing allllllll the baby pictures! Taking time to sit down and read a great post on a friend’s blog or stalk former college friend’s engagements is a hobby of mine that I’m unwilling to part with. However, I also want to be present when I am with friends, and especially with my children. I’ll just have to keep my habit in check and do all of my scrolling at naptime/bedtime. Or at least most of it. Progress not perfection, right?

How do you use social media?

In Defense of Social Media


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