We’re a Family of Seven (And Yes, We Know How ‘That’ Happens)


I am a mom of five. I’m not a super-human mom, nor an alien mom from another planet. I look like a normal mom (as far as I know), I drive a mini-van like a lot of moms, and I do normal things that other moms do. Even still, there’s something about having five kids tagging along with me that makes people think I am some rare species that should be stared at and questioned.

Just last week we were in line at Slim Chicken’s on a Sunday afternoon–because of course we are going to take advantage of kids eating free–and we caught a lady behind us pointing in shock and mouthing to her husband, “They have FIVE kids!”

I realize that large families can be rare, but there are a few things that I would love for the general public to know:

Yes, they are all ours.

We didn’t just pick one up on the side of the road. They all belong to us and even if they didn’t, I’m not exactly sure why you would ask such a question, especially in front of all of them. There are much better things to say, such as “What beautiful kids you have!” 

Yes, we know our hands are full.

Believe me, we know. There’s no need to state the obvious or stand and stare while we try to help all five across the parking lot as we walk into the grocery store. You are welcome to offer a helping hand if you’d like, but believe me, we are aware that we have more little ones to look after than most and we are more than happy to do so.

No, we have not lost our minds.

At some point, it became culturally odd to have more than two kids. The majority of people we meet at restaurants or local events think we are crazy for having this many and even crazier for taking them with us everywhere we go. Our kids are not a sign that we have lost our minds; They are a sign that we have found a greater purpose for our lives than just ourselves. 

Yes, we know what causes that.

Believe it or not, we did plan to have a big family. We didn’t know how it would come together. We didn’t know that three of them would come to us in one year. We didn’t know that they would be stairsteps in age. But we did attend health class and we do know how each of them got here. However, if you’d like to give us a quick rundown, you’re welcome to do so. I have a feeling it would be more awkward for you than it would be for us. 

Don’t get me wrong.

I LOVE to talk about our large family. I love sharing the beautiful story that God has written by bringing each of them to life in their own special way. I love encouraging other families with our experiences. But the unfiltered questions and comments that we hear over and over get a little old. I’m sure your family, no matter the size or shape, receives odd questions and comments too. Which ones do you hear the most?



  1. I am a mom of 4 and I loved being a mom so much and still do. When my children were small we were on a mission field in the Northwest part of the country. It was winter most of the time and then the Fourth of July! I remember it like it was yesterday and I started keeping a journal of all the humorous things my four would do and say. It was so nice the other day to reflect on all the happenings and how hilarious it was to have that laughter in my life! I wish I had published a book about it now it would be a read! Maybe you should do this it would be so interesting. Just a thought. Love you all and really enjoyed your post.

    • We too have a big family. My husband and I have seven daughters, that’s right all girls and we are done.

      When people ask if they are all ours I tend to eye roll but of course. No need to mention that we started in 1997, had three, adopted two sisters who have their own story, and then were suprised with a set of identical twins in 2018. Also questioned … Yes, they are natural, conceived by having sex. Lol.

      My husband and I have known each other since we were sixteen, we grew up and explored life together. We never really planned to have a big family, we also never took extra measures to prevent as we grew older. Once I hit forty I thought that we were getting to a safe zone, with less chances and worry … I was wrong ? at 42 I had our twins.

      We are always busy and on days when we are not it feels like something was forgotten.

      They go to public school, as of 2019 we have two graduates! We do as much as anyone does school activities from band and competitions to sports, outside club sports with small travel, shopping, mini vacations, weekend getaways and everything you can imagine except for eatting out, that we don’t do very often, we occasionally order in but most meals are prepared at home.

      People are so jugemental that sometimes it is nice to brag a little … But really we are just a regular family raising regular kiddos just like everyone else.

      And I agree, feel free to offer me (us) some help if you see me out, but also know that we got this ❤️

  2. I enjoyed your post, and what a lovely family. I do know your Grandmother. I met her when we lived in Little Rock, AR. She is a very sweet lady, and I know she is so proud of you, and your family..


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