Confessions of a Last Minute Mom


Hi, I’m Kenzie and I struggle with being last minute with everything and anything.

Hi Kenzie.

But let me tell you something, it’s not the worst thing ever. Believe it or not, there are some benefits to it. I am always sitting on the edge of my seat, seeing if I’ll reach a deadline.

Running late IS my cardio.

I burn calories looking for shoes as its time for church.  Some of my best work comes from time crunching… It’s the adrenaline rush. Are you like me? Grab the cup of yesterday’s coffee in the microwave and see if you’re also a last-minute mom like I am.

4 characteristics of being a “last minute” mom…

1. When bake sale time comes around, we will have a clean kitchen.

Oh but how? We will buy store-bought items because we probably ran out of time. You see, that takes planning, and those of us with a “type b” personality don’t plan well. Every mom only has so many hours in a day, and she has to choose how she wants to spend those. If making homemade items doesn’t land on the list, girl, that’s fine. You buy those delicious Trader Joes cookies with a smile and rock them like a champ.

2. My son never matches.

Well, sometimes he does. I am last minute, so I am usually running a few minutes behind. I let my son dress himself. I like to call it fostering his independence. He gets so proud when he picks out a red Santa shirt to wear with his yellow cargo shorts and blue rain boots. I don’t ask him to fix it or choose another outfit. Is he wearing clothes and shoes? Great! Let’s get out of the door!

3. We go with the flow.

Schedules? They’re not etched in stone. It’s okay. I don’t stress about the small things with my son, and I let him make messes in the name of fun and learning. Oh, you want to paint today? You always want your friends to come over? Cool! That’s an easy cleanup and it helps with fine motor skills.

4. We actually forgive easier and are more understanding.

We have empathy for those running late. The mom that left snacks or water bottles at home? We’ll have extra in the back seat of our car and will share. It’s not hard to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

Being a last-minute mom is not the worst thing in the world. Sure, with more planning ahead, we could make our lives easier. But this is what we are used to. We are able to go with the flow of each day and still enjoy it. Embrace who you are; embrace the mess. You’re doing a great job mama.


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