How Six Flags Made Us the Cool Parents

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Six Flags Over Texas. However, all opinions are my own.

My childhood best friend had the coolest parents. They were the kind who always had the best snacks, said yes to all the sleepovers, and took us to Six Flags Over Texas every summer. I have so many memories of trying all the newest rides and shopping for the perfect souvenir!

Ever since, visiting Six Flags Over Texas has been on my list of childhood memories I want to share with my boys.

This summer, I had the opportunity to fulfill that wish—and the reality was just as beautiful as my dreams.

As soon as we booked the trip, I called the boys in to tell them the good news. I pulled up some YouTube videos on my phone to show them the rides we might get to try. And as soon as they saw a video of a ride where you wear 3D glasses and shoot at the Joker, my little superhero fanatics were ready to hit the road.

We decided to visit the park on a Monday, since it’s supposed to be a slower day for amusement parks in general. Of course, the Monday we picked happened to be one of the hottest days of the summer, but we still had a cool day.

Six Flags Over Texas

Walking through those giant gates brought back a flood of memories from my childhood, and I think we all squealed a little!

Since this was the boys’ first trip to an amusement park, we headed to the kids’ area first.

Six Flags Over Texas

The main children’s area is called Bugs Bunny BoomTown and it was perfect for them! There were misters throughout the area to cool off, and even my five-year-old was big enough to ride the rides by himself!

Six Flags Over Texas
First ride of the day!

As they started riding some of the tamer rides, they quickly gained confidence. And as soon they spotted the kiddie roller coaster, they knew they had to try it! As a roller coaster enthusiast myself, it was a really proud moment for me to watch them muster their courage and climb the steps! They wanted us to ride with them, and sitting next to my sweaty almost-Kindergartner and whispering in his ear to put his hands in the air when we went down the “big hill” had my eyes tearing up just a little.

It’s a moment I won’t forget.

We rode every single ride in the children’s area, and the kids were ready for more! The free maps at the entrance listed all rides by height restrictions, so we could quickly filter out the rides that wouldn’t work for our littlest guy. Though honestly, there were a ton of things he was tall enough for!

The log ride was their absolute favorite thing. We were thankful for the short lines because we rode it five times throughout the day! After all, the splash at the end was a great way to cool off.

As we were walking past the cutest little Western town, my husband mentioned the Texas Justice: Western Comedy Gunfight Show was about to start. We scored a bench in the shade and laughed out loud at the hilarious cowboys. The best part was, the boys didn’t even realize we were taking a break.

Six Flags Over Texas

After the show, everyone was getting hungry. We thought we would have trouble finding a restaurant since one kid wanted chicken and the other wanted pizza, but the first place we found had both! Plus, air-conditioning!

Six Flags Over TexasThey could barely finish their food because they were so excited to finally get to try the Batman ride they’d been talking about since we booked the trip!

Six Flags Over TexasThis ride was a win!

I loved it because it was air-conditioned, my competitive husband loved trying to outscore us all on the shooting game, and the boys just loved seeing all their favorite superheroes in 3D!

This was another ride we didn’t mind riding over and over. In fact, after our fourth time riding it, my husband announced he was having a blast and hadn’t realized there would be so many rides that would be enjoyable for little kids AND adults. Once we left the children’s area, we never felt like we were sacrificing our fun to do the kids things they enjoyed.

Six Flags Over Texas

When we told people we were going to an outdoor amusement park on one of the hottest days of the year, they said we were crazy. And while I definitely enjoyed the brief stints inside air-conditioned buildings, the rest of the day was much less brutal than we expected. For the most part, the park was very shady, and mist stations are located throughout. There were plenty of rides that would hit you with a splash, and there were water fountains throughout the park to refill water bottles.

My oldest son was nervous at the beginning of the day and wasn’t sure he would want to do anything scary. But as the day went on, his courage grew and he found himself on his first real roller coaster! It was one I remember riding with my friend when we were younger, and climbing that same creaky hill next to my son was such an explosion of nostalgia and excitement.

He thought my arm was around him to keep him safe, but really it was to snuggle this little boy who loves making family memories more than almost anything.

I knew this was pure magic for him.

We barely had time to buckle our seatbelts on the ride home before we were planning our next trip to Six Flags Over Texas. We might not be the cool parents who have the best snacks and say yes to all the sleepovers, but I think we’ll be the parents who take our kids to Six Flags every year.

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