Instagram Photo Challenge!


photoadayA couple of years ago my husband bought me a great DLSR camera for Christmas. I was head over heels in love with that camera… until we went to the zoo, or park… basically anywhere! It felt like I was carrying a breakable bowling ball around in my purse, so oftentimes it got left behind.

Thank goodness for technology. My iPhone camera has been great to pull out at a moments notice to capture milestones, sweet expressions, and the endless energy my daughters have!

And with my iPhone comes my obsession with Instagram.  Do you use it? I do… and I love it!

Oklahoma City Moms Blog is excited to join the rest of the City Moms Blog Network in doing a Photo-A-Day challenge for February! This is a great way to capture fun memories with during the month that you’ll cherish forever. It’s super simple to participate & we hope that you’ll join us! All you have to do is use the photo prompt as inspiration each day. Find a photo, snap a picture and then share it using hashtags #CMBNPhotoADay and #OKCMBphotoaday.

The photo challenge will be great to use with Instragram. But besides IG, I’ve been using these FREE apps lately to give my photos a bit more flair.

Instagram Collage

Studio Design App


Like Instagram, this app lets you post photos and view other people’s photos within itself. I have yet to use it for that though. Instead, I take advantage of the awesome overlays that it offers! You can use lots of text layers, shapes, crops, lines, textures, frames, doodles, mantras, ribbon emblems…. the list goes on and on! Once you finish, you can publish and share it on Studio Design, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, email, or just save it to your camera roll.

IMG_5561InstaFrame App

Oftentimes I have a hard time picking just one picture to share. That is why I really like InstaFrame! It allows me to create collages and even has some great framing and background options available.

Red Stamp App

This app is like a virtual way to send custom postcards… but also gives you the options to have your creations printed into real life cards, envelopes, and postcards too! You can send thank you notes, birthday invitations, graduation announcements, baby announcements…. the possibilities are virtually endless. As much as I love sending a handwritten thank you note, sometimes it’s just quicker to whip up a thank you with this app and text it over to the recipient.

red stamp

 Snap some photos and join us for our February Photo Challenge!


  1. I oive Instagram! What a cool challenge hop on board with?! And red stamp has saved my life on last minute parties or “thank you” notes. Something I learned for my last birthday party was you’re able to purchase a mailed copy to send to people. I, however, just bought 1 and sent it to me, so that Maggie would have a hard copy from her party. I’m going to have to check out those other apps!


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