Buy From My Registry, Please.


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We have a baby shower problem, y’all, and we need to talk. Tell me the point of making a registry if no one is going to look at it? Or, at least mark an item as bought?

Mom-to-be, consider this post one to share with your friends as a “soft,” but not-so-subtle reminder.

A mom’s registry is a mom’s best chance at communicating her needs, wants, and preferences. It’s a chance to save her energy wandering aisles around the store with her pregnant waddle. It’s a chance to save her time returning items that she already has or that someone else already bought. It’s a way of showering mom with her needs, so the last thing she has to worry about is how to buy the baby basics with her tight budget. Best of all, it’s a way to show her you’ve paid attention to the details and respect her wishes and the time it took her to consider her needs and sift through all the options.

The point of a baby shower is to celebrate new life, congratulate the family, and sustain the family through the postpartum days. The days she’s consumed with feeding baby, changing baby, and, really, just keeping a little human alive and keeping her sanity. And y’all, we need more than baby clothes.

Don’t get me wrong, those cute clothes are heartbreakingly adorable, and help us get excited for our new little arrival. But please don’t forget that in the late hours of the night we need clean sheets, bottles, diapers, diaper cream, wipes, and extra pacis. (They hit the ground and disappear, I swear!)

Don’t forget that when baby spits up everywhere, we may need extra burp cloths, baby wash, gentle laundry detergent, and towels.

Don’t forget when baby is eating every hour we might want a breastfeeding pillow, a new nursing bra, formula, bottle cleaning supplies, extra pump parts (a specific brand too!), nursing pads, and lanolin to soothe our sore breasts.

Don’t forget when baby gets sick and can’t sleep, a humidifier, an aspirator, gripe water, or medicine might make all the difference. When baby needs soothing, perhaps a sound machine or swaddle will do the trick.

And, diapers. And wipes. You can NEVER go wrong with diapers and wipes. In fact, I promise you I appreciate a box of diapers just as much as that boutique newborn outfit. (This will be especially true for mommies having Baby Number 2+.) 

We DO love the little surprises that weren’t on our registry. We DO love the thoughtfulness and time you placed in our gift. We enjoy and cherish the handmade items, the embroidered clothes, the baby memory books, and more.

Just don’t forget our registry.

And for the love of all things, don’t forget to mark the item as bought so we don’t end up with five.


  1. YES!! This was so funny but so true! I gave up on a registry by our 3rd child and now just type out a very short detailed list of needs(mostly gift card requests)to put inside the shower invitation for people to follow lol.


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