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Oklahoma City Moms Blog has partnered with Amwellone of the leading telehealth services in the US, to bring you the information in this sponsored post.

Amwell_logo_RGB-ColorOne of the worst parts of being a parent is having a sick child.  It’s heartbreaking to know your little one is under the weather, and I don’t know about your children, but going to the doctor is not high up on my daughter’s lists of fun things to do.  As soon as she realizes we are in the waiting room of her doctors office, she has a mild (okay…sometimes not so mild) panic attack. The idea of having a doctor who makes house calls sounds so wonderful, and it makes me wish I lived in simpler times.  However, thanks to technology, you can have a doctor in your living room within minutes!   I was given the opportunity to try the services offered by Amwell, which was founded by two brothers who both are medical doctors and entrepreneurs in 2006 (you know their mama is proud!) and would love to share a little bit about the company and my experience with them!

Amwell provides users with high quality, Board Certified, licensed care (including doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, psychologists, therapists and social workers) over desktop/mobile video in under 2 minutes.   Within minutes of downloading the Amwell app, creating an account and typing in my daughters symptoms,  I had my choice of several doctors who were available for an immediate appointment.  This not only saved me from having to set aside a block of our day to drive to a doctors appointment, but my daughter was able to continue eating breakfast in her pajamas (happily!) in our living room.  I set up our appointment to address a rash that had popped up around my daughter’s mouth.  I had all ready exhausted all that Dr. Google had to offer (which, as usual, had me convinced my baby had developed about 7 different serious diseases), so I was happy to have an expert take a look and weigh in without having to take my otherwise healthy and symptom free kid to a germy office.

When setting up an account with Amwell, I was able to input and create accounts for all of the members of my family. I was also given the option to add patient history, allergies, immunization records, medications, and pictures.  The picture option was especially helpful for me because I doubted the ability of my webcam (and my daughter’s ability to sit still enough) to capture her rash clearly, so I was able to upload clear pictures.   I was also able to input our local pharmacy, so that if a prescription was necessary, we were all set up!

980x400_Amwell_site_032015The program was very user friendly and I had no problems beginning my appointment.  The audio and video chat were clear throughout our appointment, and communication was just as easy as a face-to-face interaction.  The doctor was able to check my daughters virtual chart to see the pictures of her rash and was able to give me several ideas to try to clear it up – and good news, it’s nothing serious! We were given a full report of our visit to share with my daughter’s pediatrician, and I even had the option to send the report to my husband!  The doctor we saw also encouraged us to follow up and stay in touch by using the messaging feature Amwell offers, and when I had a question after our visit had ended, I sent her a message, and she got back to me within minutes!

Amwell is here to simplify life for busy moms!  If sickness suddenly strikes your household, Amwell is a convenient and cost effective way to seek fast and high quality treatment for any member of the family!  All of their doctors are rated highly with more than ten years of experience.   The cost of an online appointment with an Amwell doctor is just $49 – a huge savings compared to an urgent care visit ($75-80) or an ER visit ($150+).  Amwell works with the nation’s largest health insurance companies, most prestigious hospital systems and many of the largest self-insured employers in the US.


For our readers, Amwell is generously providing your first visit for FREE with the code: CITYMOMS.  And if you do end up needing to make an office appointment, you can look for a doctor in your city with the handy Amwell find a doctor page!


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For more information on why you should consider telehealth, click HERE.

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