The BEST Spots for Pregnant Women in OKC


This is my 3rd pregnancy here in the OKC metro (unfortunately one of my kids was born on the wrong side of the Red River…when do you even break that news to them??) and I am loving all of the growth and businesses that have sprouted up over the years.  Our area has so much to offer to all kinds of people, but for this post I want to focus on my fellow bump buddies!  Where my preggers at?!?  Ladies, we have some pretty awesome retail, food, and hot spots just minutes away to cater to whatever ache, pain, need, or craving we may have.  Here is an overview of some places that me and my people have come to love:

Because: Healthy organic smoothies/juice/acai bowls packed with nutrients and ingredients recommended during pregnancy.

I recommend: the Dr Feel Good shot- progesterone makes my sinuses all cray-cray so the cayenne pepper extract clears them out, and the ginger helps with nausea!

I can’t resist a pumpkin patch smoothie in the fall!

Because: Quality drop-in child care, either for your older kids when you need a nap or a lunch date, or for after your little bundle arrives.

I recommend: Using your Keep it Local card for one free (healthy, allergen-friendly) meal every visit.

Because: Fun and relaxing exercise catered to your growing body and preparing your body for birth.

I recommend: Yoga Breathing for Birth Workshop, your partner can learnG active support while getting some childbirth education together.

Because: Sometimes a pregnant woman just needs some warm gooey cookies.

I recommend: The chocolate chunk. YUM.

The chunk in me loves the chunk in you.

Because: Baby gear!

I recommend: Trying every rocker/glider/recliner whether you need one or not.  But you need one.

Because: Cloth diapers, clean and green baby/kid products, all the registry things, and informative classes.

I recommend: The wraps/slings/carriers for babywearing (because I am a cloth diaper dropout..)

Because: Ice.

I recommend: Anything with ice.  But I highly encourage water with lime because hydration is everything during pregnancy!

Because: The beautiful gardens, a great walking trail, a splash pad for the hotter than hell Oklahoma August days, and a fenced park for your wild tots.

I recommend: Using Cassie Duffle Photography in the Gardens for your maternity pictures (or your celebrity spoof ones).

Every Queen B needs a Queen A.

Because: Waffles for sweet or savory cravings and one of my favorite places to eat in all of OKC.

I recommend: The buttermilk fried chicken waffle and a side of waffle fries with truffle mayo.  Get. In. Ma. Belly.

Because: Quality toys and books separated by age and interest categories.

I recommend: Depends on what you’re looking for, but my kids love Melissa and Doug anything, or any brand of magnetic building tiles.

Because: Classes, meet-ups, doulas, midwives, prenatal massage, birth photography, lactation consultants, cloth diapering supplies, nursing/baby goodies, oh my! 

I recommend: Prenatal massage because mama needs some pampering.  But this place has every resource you could need in pregnancy or they can point you in the right direction for anything additional.

Because: We can’t pound the coffee like we used to.  Yummy teas with little or no caffeine to give us a nice flavorful warm drink without the guilt.

I recommend: The Blood Orange Herbal Tea.

Because: A relaxing and stimulus-free experience in a private epsom salt pod.

I recommend: Checking with your care provider first.  I enjoy meditation during a float for spiritual centering and also connecting with my baby.

A relaxing pod all for me.

Because: Healthy uncooked meals to-go for those nights when you have no energy to grocery shop or prep dinner. Also great to ask for from friends/family who want to help out by bringing a meal.

I recommend: I haven’t tried them yet but I hear great things about the Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf and also the Stromboli! (Special diet meals available)

Because: Books for fun, books for reference, a yummy cafe, a fun reading space for children, and comfortable chairs.

I recommend: Grabbing a London Fog at the cafe and curling up next to the fireplace with a book that makes you both laugh and cry.

The perfect place to spend a rainy day.

Because: Chiropractic is so beneficial during pregnancy. This husband and wife team are both Webster certified, a technique focusing on pregnancy and postpartum care.  Less aches and easier deliveries means that everyone wins.

I recommend: Adjustments as needed!

Because: Baby boutiques are the best places to spend time while pregnant.  All of the adorable tiny things add to the excitement for your baby!

I recommend: KicKee Pants anything.  So soft. Sooooooo soft.

Because: Himalayan Salt therapy is great for a number of things but I tend to get sick more often during pregnancy and the therapy helps to clear out my respiratory system.  

I recommend: Half priced Mondays!


Well, that’s my wrap-up for preggo hotspots in the OKC Metro.  I would love to hear what other places appeal to my fellow local incubators!  Comment below!

And stay cool my friends.  SUMMER IS COMING.





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