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Brunch can be defined as an “in-betweener” for breakfast or lunch. I am so pumped about being able to share this topic with you! I could talk about my love for brunch for hours – this is no joke.

My love for brunch started when my husband and I were newly married and I wanted to create memories while at the same time experiencing our local city environment.  It started as a tradition of going every Saturday morning, but over time grew into an after church routine on Sundays.  Over the years I have made it my mission to find the best brunch spots in Oklahoma City, and I am so glad that I can, with confidence, share some of the very best spots!

The following are some of my favorites {I would love to list all of my favorites, but there are just so many to choose from in OKC!} Most of your restaurants that you frequent during the week offer a brunch menu on the weekend! My suggestion, just call your favorite restaurant ahead of time to check.

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1. Cowboy Hall of Fame

This place is amazing. On the weekends they offer an exclusive brunch buffet at a reasonable price {less than $11 per person} and kids five and under eat FREE! Now, let’s get something straight, I am NOT a fan of buffets, but this buffet is not like any other because it is so FRESH! They offer a salad bar, main entree bar {including ham, bacon, roast beef, etc}, and an amazing dessert bar. Along with the amazing food, the Cowboy Hall of Fame offers their buffet in such a cute atmosphere. After brunch, for a little extra, your family can enjoy the Cowboy Hall of Fame!

2. Red Rock Canyon Grill

Okay, if you have not tried this place, then you need to add it to the list! I tend to be a frugal person so whenever my husband and I would be able to treat ourselves to a nice dinner then we would come here. THEN, I found out that Red Rock offers a brunch menu at almost half the price as their dinner menu! Their brunch menu has many items around $9-12. My favorite entree to get is the chicken tortilla soup with a house salad {a bonus is that it comes with a big piece of cornbread}. Noah loves their Johnny Cakes, which are amazing pancakes that are just $3! As you can assume, we treat ourselves to this place more often than not now.

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3. Cafe Kacao

Do you love thick, flavorful french toast? Do you crave scrumptious chocolate waffles with a cinnamon cream cheese on top? Then look no further because close to downtown OKC you will find this gem of a restaurant. Just a warning though, on the weekends the crowd swarms here for these items that are only served Saturday and Sunday, brunch3 (500 x 881)but trust me the wait will be worth it! I love to get the Guatemalan dishes that come with homemade corn tortillas. My family also loves to share their jumbo size smoothies! This place has truly been a blessing to OKC by filling up the stomachs of the wonderful people who live here.

4. Cheever’s 

This place pretty much falls under the same category as Red Rock Canyon Grill. The only time my family will eat here will be on a Sunday. You can treat yourself to the wonderful cuisine that Cheever’s has to offer, but at brunch prices! To be honest, I could {and have} eaten a whole basket of bread and butter by myself. The look on my husband’s face is priceless. If you want to try this local spot for brunch, they take reservations on the weekends to avoid mouth watering, drooling crowds.

5. Jimmy’s Egg

Now, I would not consider this a brunch place for the fact that you can get the same items everyday during the week, but I had to add this to my list because my family does love to frequent here many weekends in a row. Sunday brunch to us is about breakfast AT lunch. If we are in the car and cannot agree on a brunch place to go {because the list is just more than the five I have here} then we resort to Jimmy’s Egg. It is a local favorite and offers quick service. We have many memories here and one of my favorite is my husband ordering Bacon Pancakes with an extra side of BACON. Seriously. If you live in Oklahoma City and have not been here yet, which would surprise me, then please do me a favor and go. You will then be considered in my book a true citizen of Oklahoma City.

As I shared before, my list of brunch spots could go on forever! Being able to say these are just a few that OKC has gives me an overwhelming sense of pride for my city and all the local spots it has to offer to us!

What is your favorite brunch spot?  My family is always looking for a new place to try. If you want any other suggestions, leave me a comment! 

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  1. Sadly, the only spot on your list that I’ve been to is Jimmy’s Egg!
    I heart Cafe 501 & Bravo’s brunches; you must go is you haven’t yet 🙂

  2. Oh yes, I love both of those brunch places! My favorite thing to get at Bravo is their Wedding Soup – what do you like at Cafe 501?

  3. Heartily agree with Cafe Kacao. If you are wanting something savory, you cannot go wrong with the Tikal breakfast. The longanzia sausage is simply amazing.


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