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Just a little over an hour south of Oklahoma City in the cute town of Davis, there lies Bedré  Chocolate Factory.

FREE samples!
FREE samples!

We made the journey down I-35 for a morning tour.  Since it’s start-up in January 2013, tourists like ourselves have been coming from all over the state to partake in this uniquely made chocolate that does NOT melt in your hand. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with friendly faces and free, yes FREE, samples of Bedré’s finest chocolate.

What makes Bedré  Chocolate Factory unique is that customers are able to schedule a viewing of an up-close and personal interaction of the factory floor and the whole process of making the chocolate. The kids loved to see the start to finish of how the chocolate they eat is made! Be prepared for all the questions that the little ones may ask but rest assured that the friendly staff is right there to help you answer. The kids enjoyed watching the workers make the chocolate as they would wave back and forth to one another. It was like a real life Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

The chocolate process
The chocolate process

The factory currently runs Monday through Friday producing 16,000-18,000 pieces of chocolate a day! If you do the math, that is a lot of yummy chocolate a week. The process of creating Bedré’s chocolate is precise and detailed.  Bedré starts the process with injection molding of chocolate onto their conveyor belt. After the chocolate is molded it runs through the metal detector to ensure every bite the consumer takes is only chocolate. Then the chocolate is put through the flow wrap station, and Bedré sure knows how to dress up their chocolate! Finally, the chocolate is put on the scale and cannot weigh less than 2 oz {so if you are lucky, you may bite in to one that is over that!}

One of the many flavors of chocolate treats
One of the many flavors of chocolate treats

Not only is Bedré a retail store that produces and sells chocolate but as of the projected date of October 2014, they will become an educational site of how chocolate is formed from the very beginning from cocoa. Bedré plans to open a Chocolate Sensory Experience that is being created from the people who created the Harry Potter Experience at Universal Studios. The chocolate experience will offer state of the art displays, visuals, hands on crafts and a little girl that will be brought to life by the name of Cocoa.  Bedré’s goal is to educate the consumers on how chocolate is more than just a candy but comes from one of nature’s valuable resources. I am beyond excited to bring my son to back to experience this new addition to the chocolate factory.

Treats, so many treats!
Treats, so many treats!

Bedré Fine Chocolate is different from other chocolates sold in stores because their chocolate is not just “candy”, it is chocolate. It melts at 75 degrees and is smoother and creamier than other chocolate competitors. It is considered a fine chocolate quality. They offer several different chocolate products: in-robed chocolate, chocolate covered pieces (chips, Twinkies, Bugles, etc.), melt-aways {chocolate with a surprise twist inside!}, chocolate soda and chocolate baskets for all different occasions.

DSC_0029After touring the factory the  kids can take a break on the playground before getting back in the car to devour all their choices of delightful chocolate. Making this trip to Davis will be a great treat in so many different ways for you and your family! Maybe I will run into you there? I am already addicted.

Thanks to the wonderful staff of Bedré, we are hosting a giveaway for a basket full of their delicious chocolates.  Enter below and share with your friends!





  1. I’ve been wanting to get down to Davis to try the Bedre chocolates, this could be just what I need to coerce me to get down there.

  2. So much fun to watch the process of making all those yummy treats… Can’t wait for the new program. We homeschool and that will be an awesome field trip!

  3. Oh, Bedre Chocolate is amazing! I have been to Davis several times and I always stop at the gas station at the entrance of town to get some! I haven’t been to the factory yet, but I plan to sometime near my birthday.

    Bedre’s employees are always so wonderfully kind and knowledgeable as well! Thanks for supporting such a wonderful business!

  4. I bet this tour smells amazing. 🙂 Since the chocolate melts at such a low temperature they must have to keep the building very cold.


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