DIY Back to School Sign {Free Printable!}


back to school sign

My oldest is getting ready to start Pre-K at the public school this year (he calls it his big boy school)!  I can’t believe he’s old enough for this.  As excited as I am, I am equally as nervous and I secretly wish he could stay my baby forever.

I’m an obvious first-timer at this school mom thing.  I’m going overboard on the prep…bought school supplies a month ago, backpack is ready, parent portal account created, met the teacher, etc.  I’m sure, however, I’ll find that I forgot about a big detail on the first day when it’s too late.  Part of my prep was creating a back to school fill-in-the-blank sign so I can document the first day of school this year and for years to come. It’s a thing…I’ve seen all you other moms doing it and I want it on it too!

I only have very basic photo shop skills but I decided to try my hand at creating a simple sign that will work for all my kids and all the grades.  I printed it out and bought a cute frame for it.  All I needed was a dry erase marker and, voila, I had a re-usable fill-in-the-blank sign!  Easiest DIY project ever!

back to school sign 1

If you’re in need of a simple photo prop for the first day of school then you can download this free printable.  You will also need a picture frame with glass and a dry erase marker.

back to school sign 2Click here to print the PINK Back to School Sign

back to school sign 3Click HERE to Print the GREEN Back To School Sign

Good luck to all our kiddos on the first day of school!  And good luck to all the mommas out there as you, sadly or excitedly (I’m not judging), send your kids back to school.

back to school sign 4



  1. Thank you for this! I had totally dropped the ball on planning ahead for a sign like this and was so grateful for your free printable one! I found it at 11pm the night before my son’s first day of Preschool yesterday (he was on the waitlist until this month so we started late). It was the perfect thing to use his first day and I hope to use this same one each year all the way up to high school graduation! 🙂


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