B.L.E.S.S. – What a New Mom REALLY Needs


new mom really needs

Whether you gave birth naturally, had a c-section, or adopted, having a new baby can be extremely exhausting. On top of adjusting to life with your sweet little human, it can be tiring having friends and family wanting to come over to take a peek and get snuggles with your baby. As much as you love showing off your new baby it can be exhausting having people in and out of your home. Having even a small bit of help can be a huge blessing to a new mom.

Here are a few ideas how you can help B.L.E.S.S. a new momma!

Bring Food– Bringing a meal to a new family is something that a lot of people already do, but there a few ways to go the extra mile:

  • If you are preparing food for the family double check for any food allergies, and check to see what some of their likes and dislikes are.
  • If you are cooking for the family, bring the food in disposable containers so that they do not have to worry about doing dishes or having to remember to return anything to you.
  • For an added touch you can also throw in paper plates and plastic utensils so they don’t have to worry about any clean up!
  • Bring them take out from their favorite restaurant. If you or a child in your family is sick choosing to order food and have it delivered to their door can be more appropriate idea than cooking the meal yourself (I had a mom do this for me and I really appreciated her thoughtfulness as to not possibly spread any germs to our newborn). Also, taking a newborn out to a restaurant can be overwhelming so bringing the restaurant to them can a very thoughtful gesture.
  • Make a couple freezer meals for the new parents so that they can have a meal whenever they need it. With each freezer meal make sure to include cooking/reheating instructions.new mom really needs 1

Lend a Hand– Let her know that if she needs help with anything that you are there to help. If you want to go and take a peek at the sweet little bundle, offering to help with something she needs to get done around the house can be a very caring gesture. You don’t have to do anything huge, simply doing dishes or folding some laundry can be a huge help.

Encouraging Words– Whether in a note, a card, or a quick text – a few words of encouragement can mean the world to a sleep deprived, hormonal new mommy! Simply telling her that you are thinking of her can be just the boost that she needs for that day.new mom really needs 2

Snooze Time– The best gift I ever received after my daughter was born was the gift of sleep! Getting any extra sleep is always wonderful. Text or call the new mom and let her know that you would love to come watch her baby so she can get an uninterrupted nap. Let her choose a time that works best for her but still fits into your schedule. I don’t think any new mom would argue with a little extra nap time!

Send a Treat – Who doesn’t love receiving a little treat? Here are a few ideas of a small treat that you can bring:

  • Cup of Java- Motherhood is exhausting, give her a little pick-me-up. Starbucks or a cup from her favorite local coffee shop could be just what the doctor ordered!
  • Something sweet- Bring her a cookie (Eileen’s Colossal Cookies- If you haven’t tried them you aren’t living. Enough said.), donuts (Who doesn’t love doesn’t love a good donut? If you are in the Norman area Hurt’s Donuts Company makes incredibly unique donuts for a fun treat.), or a cupcake (You can grab her one from Gigi’s, Pinkitzel, or your favorite cupcakery!)
  • Smoothie- Bring her a fruity smoothie if she is looking for something on the lighter side.

    new mom really needs 3
    Hurt’s Donuts are so much fun!


What’s your favorite way to Bless a new mom?


Head shot (1)I am a born and raised Oklahoma girl who loves being a wife and mother. My journey to wife and mother started when I met my husband through a mutual friend that I worked with during my time with the Disney College Program and we currently have one sweet little girl and can’t wait to add more little ones to our family. I love spending time with my family, cooking, enjoying a good meal good friends, crafting, thrifting, and I live for a good cup of coffee in a fun mug!



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