Tina Ikpa

Tina lives in Norman with her husband Nsisong, daughter Idara, son Nsisong Jr., and mother-in-law Josephine. When she's not practicing law or shuffling kids between soccer, basketball, and piano, she enjoys reading, writing, lifting weights, boning up on useless trivia, and communicating in GIFs.

5 Ways I’m Raising Responsible Voters

By the time they reach 15, most kids are already well acquainted with the basic operation of a car. When it is time to actually learn to drive, they essentially take what they already...

He Wants Another Baby, but I Don’t

The Plan The year is 2002. Still in college, madly in love, stars in our eyes, my then-boyfriend and I envision our perfect family. The oldest of three kids, I have always wanted my own...

I’m a Teacher E-Mail Delinquent

It's a good thing for me there isn't a parent report card. Or at least if there is, I'm glad I've never seen mine. Don't get me wrong; I don't think I would be...