Tina Ikpa

Tina lives in Norman with her husband Nsisong, daughter Idara, son Nsisong Jr., and mother-in-law Josephine. When she's not practicing law or shuffling kids between soccer, basketball, and piano, she enjoys reading, writing, lifting weights, boning up on useless trivia, and communicating in GIFs.

The Conversation We Can’t Afford to Avoid

When our children are born, they are like empty vessels. For the first few years, we parents like to think that we are the ones filling them. We're not always, though. They are constantly...

Enjoying the Elementary School Oasis

Between the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and piano, between the spelling tests and the student council campaign posters, the babies disappeared. Oh sure, my kids will always be my "babies", but they have not...

The Question I Never Expected My Rainbow Baby to Ask

"Hey Mommy, you know the other baby you were going to have before you had me? How come you had me instead of them?" So, out of all the things I agonized over in the...

A Black Little Mermaid is Precisely the Little Mermaid We Need

Thirty years ago, I met a plucky, inquisitive redhead and decided she was my soulmate. She loved collecting weird things and bucking the status quo, and longed to see a world outside of what...

What Really Happens When the Kids Go to Grandma’s House

There is nothing quite like watching people's eyes light up after they've asked me what my kids are doing for the summer, and I say that they're going to spend a few weeks in...

HeyDay is Serving Up Fun for the Whole Family

Since moving back to Norman five years ago, I had only ventured into HeyDay for parties. When HeyDay Entertainment invited my family for a complimentary night of fun, all of the great memories I...

I’m Not Soccer Mom Material

There are soccer moms, and there are moms who have kids who play soccer. I believe I am the latter. Real Soccer Moms vs. Me Soccer moms don't need to have played soccer or any kind...

Is Her Maternity Leave My Business?

When it comes to talking about maternity leave, the conversation usually centers around whether there is enough of it, and whether it should be paid. Often we make comparisons between the U.S. and European...

Feel Irresistible in Your Body, Stretch Marks and All

If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that we are in the midst of a slow march toward full body positivity. Unfortunately, stringent and crushing messages about body image still persist....

What My Daughter’s Hair Taught Me About Body Autonomy

We were headed toward the checkout counter. My son was asking me why the letter "Q" always had to have a "U" behind it. I was trying to figure out how to explain the...

How to Navigate “Difficult” Baby Names

Pop quiz: A pregnant friend of yours has just told you her planned baby name, which happens to honor the baby's cultural heritage. There is only one problem. You've never heard of it before, and...

4 Holiday Traditions I’m Giving Up This Year (and One I’m Keeping)

It's a time that many of us look forward to all year. The decor, the recipes, the parties. The traditions. While there are some traditions that make the holiday season worth anticipating, there are...