Susanne lives in an old neighborhood in central OKC with her husband, daughter (2) and two rowdy dogs and one cat. She works as a freelance writer and personal trainer specializing in pre/postnatal fitness. When she's not momming or working, she enjoys working out, reading, being outside, and being creative with recipes and homemade products. And she's always up for a good coffee, local beer, pizza or great workout. Follow her for mom hacks, recipes and workout tips on Instagram.

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For the first two and a half years of my daughter’s life, she wasn’t away from me (or her dad) for more than one night. We took our first multi-day trip away from her...

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These days, my clothing choices are all about comfort and practicality. Just as I want jeans with more coverage and roomy pockets (gotta put extra tissues and snacks somewhere!), high waist 'mom jeans' and...

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Once I became a mom, my attention was focused on ensuring the best life for my daughter. I also want to teach my daughter to be empowered to make a change in her community...

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One afternoon, my daughter and I were sitting on the couch watching Daniel Tiger - an amazing PBS Kids show that is basically Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood reincarnate, in case you're not already a PBS...

Sleep Training Isn’t A Dirty Word

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