Sarah Stewart

Sarah Stewart is a Wills and Trusts attorney, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and human rights advocate. Sarah is a solo mom to two boys. She loves jiu jitsu, coffee, travel and adventure. She published her first book in October 2022- The Monster in My Home: Surviving Evil. You can find out more at

When Your Child Needs More- 6 Tips to Implement Your Child’s Individualized Education Plan

I grabbed my son’s hand and walked him out the door of his Pre-Kindergarten class- for the third time that week.  His wide, brown eyes were dulled with sadness, and he hung his head...

The “Get Off My Lawn” Crowd Goes Virtual

I fondly remember the days in the ‘90s when I ran around the neighborhood like a feral child. My friends and I dirtied our feet black-as-tar from running barefoot on the neighbors’ lawns, climbing...

The 4 Spooky but Common Estate Planning Mistakes by Parents of Young Children

Parents have busy schedules to keep.  Between preparing meals, getting the kids ready and off to school, managing the home, celebrating all the holidays and trying to keep up with our own schedules, our...