Sarah McCombs

Sarah is a stay-at-home mom born and raised in OKC. She met her husband in kindergarten and they have been following each other around ever since. Sarah stays busy playing trains with her son and chasing after her crawling daughter. Her house is loud and rowdy with two 70-pound labs who steal baby kisses all day long. Sarah is an OU alum and loves Sooner football. With a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education, she has taught nursery school, three and four year-old prek, first grade, and third grade. Sarah has worked with children of all abilities and taught in England. Hobbies include baking treats, pretty patios, and movie quotes. She documents life, cooking, and parenting on her blog: www.LollipopsandHoney.com and Instagram: @lollipopsandhoney

That Which is the Most Personal is the Most Universal

“That which is the most personal is the most universal.” I have no idea where I read it. I have no idea where I found it. I just know that it is true. The more...

Why Parent-Teacher Conferences Can’t Always Be “Parent Friendly”

When I began my teaching career, one of the questions asked in EVERY interview was: How do you plan to involve parents in your classroom community? Easy answer: I plan to implement an open-door policy that...

I Can’t Help but Stare

My days typically begin with the quiet creak of my son’s door opening down the hall. I know that the squeak between the wooden door frame means he has changed out of his PJ...

Throw Out Your Birth Plan

Every pregnant woman spends time planning and prepping. We immediately start daydreaming of what our new life, as mommy, will look like. As our bodies begin to change, we think about our postpartum activities...

I’m DONE Apologizing for the Mess

A rising trend amongst millennial moms is the illustrious “play date”. I love it. We do it. I mean, hey why not, they’re fun, right? The kids get to play. Moms get a break (insert...

I Didn’t Do a 1st Birthday Cake

There are lots of perks to be being a mommy today. We have drive-thru restaurants, Dr. Google on our phones, and so many social media outlets we are never truly alone. However, there are...

I Gave Up on the Winter Coat

Every year I look forward to late fall when those temperatures start to drop. The days get shorter and the wind whips faster. My Crockpot emerges from the back of the pantry ready for...

I’m Going to Raise My Kids Like it’s 1999

Today, I had one of those aging moments. I was driving in my car and listening to millennial satellite radio when Prince’s song, “Party Like it’s 1999” started playing. Instantly, I was transported through...

Can I Just Get ONE Day?

I don’t consider myself to be a selfish person. When I was a single 25-year-old? Sure. Now? Not so much. I wasn’t prepared for a lot of the changes in my life that would...

When You’re the “New Mom” at School

For over a year, we patiently sat on that waiting list. Stuck in idle but ready to head off to school. Then, we finally got the call. A spot had opened. We were overjoyed...